Romanian EdTech Platform Adservio Raises €2M From Catalyst Romania Fund II

Adservio Raises €2M in Equity Financing

Adservio, a Romanian EdTech platform that helps K-12 schools be more effective and strengthen their connection with the families, has raised €2 million in equity financing round from Catalyst Romania Fund II, one of the most important venture capital funds in the region.

The investment will enable Adservio to scale its business, expand to international markets, expand its portfolio of clients and partners, and the development of new features, according to a press statement.

Adservio has over 14 years of experience in the education technology market. Today, the platform supports over 1000 schools in their digital transformation journey, through innovation of educational and management processes, offering a modern tool to help educators and students. Adservio claims to be the most popular and most complex educational platform in Romania, with more than 750, 000 monthly active users.

The solution is suitable in any context (face to face, online, and hybrid), enabling educational institutions to get access to learning with modern tools in any suitable context, face to face, but also for students who cannot attend classes due to various reasons. In addition, parents who are not in the country can see in real-time the school situation and can offer better support to their children by simply accessing the Adservio app. The company claims this has encouraged the prevention of school dropout rates and significantly lower school absenteeism rates.

Alexandru Holicov, Founder of Adservio, said,

"This round of financing helps us in taking the next step to scale up our business: going abroad. We founded Adservio when the global EdTech market was still in its early days. Since then, we focused on meeting the digitization needs of local schools in Romania. We have contributed to the launch of a pilot program through which the Romanian Ministry of Education recognized the exclusive use of the digital grade book, a measure that gives us hope for a faster transformation of digitization in schools. EdTech technologies have gained momentum during the Covid-19 pandemic, and it was the same for us: we integrated new technologies and developed new modules, together with school managers, teachers, parents, and students."

"For 2022, we aim to increase our team, attracting passionate people, for whom education is an important value. Together we will further improve the user experience and create new solutions for schools to better prepare their students for the future," added the founder.

Alin Stanciu, Partner at Catalyst Romania, said,

"I have rarely met founders as driven as Alex and young EdTech companies that have demonstrated impact in solving a real need for teachers, students, and parents as Adservio. With access to broadband and with a higher technology penetration in the educational system, the majority of students are now very comfortable with online learning platforms. As a result, we believe that, in the future, any technology that can be combined with in-person education will become more appealing to students, because it will enable them to assimilate knowledge more effectively. Catalyst Romania is committed to helping Adservio scale up and become the most relevant tech solution to support the learning and teaching processes, not only in the Romanian educational ecosystem but also internationally."

The platform is available in 9 languages and has web and mobile versions. One of its key differentiators is state-of-the-art security measures and data protection.

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