Knollop - Discover & Review The Online Courses and Learning Materials

Knollop - Discover & Review The Online Courses and Learning Materials
Recently, online education has significantly increased in popularity among learners of all ages. It’s an advancement in the concept of distance education and more beneficial than the conventional education system.


 education provides learners with a wide range of courses, colleges and schools. One more benefit is that, it enables learners to take courses from anywhere and also whenever they have free time. It also enables a more student-centered teaching approach by helping learners adopt their own learning styles. There are many institutions offering thousands of online courses from around the world. Now, the task is to filter the best available online learning content. Here is the solution, Knollop, an online platform that is dedicated to making sense of the wealth of educational resources on the web. Let’s learn about it briefly.

Knollop is a dollop of knowledge. It’s an online platform which guides you to find the courses and materials you want, helps you reach your educational goals and also provides you with a platform to share thoughts about online education materials through reviews and ratings.  Knollop’s mission is to help learners  keep track of the courses and topics they're interested in and enable them to share the content with others.

Collection of Courses/Materials:

Knollop has a wide range of content about numerous topics and from many course providers. Let’s have a look at its content array.


Knollop offers a great collection of course materials on various topics namely Humanities, Medicine, Biology, Health, Finance, Teacher Development, Information Technology, etc.


List of Course Providers whose resources Knollop provides you with:




Canvas Network

Khan Academy




Code School

Harvard OLI

Open Yale Courses

Advanced Search Engine:

Knollop provides you with an advanced search engine with which you can browse your content by topics, course providers, level (Undergraduate, graduate, high school, etc.) and session (always available, future session, in session, past session). Once you’re done with registration, everything is set up to discover and explore course materials. They can be syllabus, written materials, videos, benchmarks, podcasts, etc.

Many of the courses in Knollop are free. On the home page, it displays numerous featured, trending and top courses. Once you’re logged in, enter your inquiry in the top search bar and you’ll immediately be directed to the list of the respective courses. Click on the title, see the reviews and take the course if you find it interesting.

Review Details:

Knollop has recognized the fact that a detailed review helps learners to have an idea about the respective course. It provides learners with a well reviewed report that contains the overall rating, difficulty level, entertainment and depth of the course. It also provides you with the information about the session. On the left side, there is a list called Course Characteristics which helps you with what the course contains (Features of the course namely videos, certification, guided, syllabus, written materials , benchmarks, etc., are mentioned). It enables users to rate a course in all these aspects.
Knollop’s ratings are ratings are intended to convey several different characteristics of each course. The details are as follows.

The Content rating specifies how good the information in the course is (one of Terrible, Pretty Lame, OK, Great, Amazing).

The Difficulty rating specifies how hard the course is for a student (one of Easy, Pretty Easy, OK, Tough, Impossible).

The Depth rating specifies how detailed the course is (one of A Cursory Glance, An Overview, OK, Detailed, Highly Detailed).

The Fun rating specifies how entertaining/enjoyable the course is (one of An Awful Time, Boring, OK, Good Fun, Time of my Life).

Knollop isn’t affiliated with any university or online educational website, it creates a bridge between learners and the best course materials by linking together the endless learning materials available on the web to illuminate multiple pathways for students to achieve their educational goals.

This is the brief description of Knollop, a great online platform that helps you navigate the world of online education with reviews, centralized course listings, and your own personal course queue. We hope this information is helpful for you to know about Knollop which helps you have a better learning enhancement through online education. We’d like to know about a few more resources like this. If you know a few, please feel free to share with us through the Comment Box.

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