7 Innovative Educational Tools That Can Reinvent The Classroom Experience

7 Innovative Educational Tools That Can Reinvent The Classroom Experience

The advent of 21st century has brought in various technological advancements across the different sectors. This trend has revolutionized the way information was used to be communicated. The effect is particularly visible in the academic setting where 

educators and students are no more bound by time and space. With these availability of current innovative tools students can now learn in a more time-efficient manner than ever.

 Nowadays, more and more educators are going for technology-driven academic classrooms where they can control the teaching and learning activities more productively. To know some innovative tools that define the modern methods of teaching, you need to read on the whole article.

Have a look at these 7 popular educational tools that have reinvented the experience in the classroom:

  • Socrative: Socrative is a powerful educational app that allows the teachers to engage students with different educational exercises and interactive activities using various devices such as a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablets, etc. All they need to do is create an account where they can create and edit the different quizzes and surveys. It is simple, interactive and innovative. What more a teacher can ask for!
  • Go Animate: Go animate is the latest educational tool that allows the students to create animated videos using dialogues and characters. Now teachers can ask students to create stories, write dialogues and develop characters using this interactive tool. Moreover, students can share any video on different social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. How cool is that!
  • YouTube Time Machine: YouTube Time Machine (YTMM) is an exclusive video-sharing website for people who have an interest in history, literature and social studies. Using this resource, students can explore any topic within a specific period of time. But it is particularly a facilitator for teachers who can now just give a topic to students for a particular era that students can easily look through with YTMM. Students can easily browse through the history using the timeline on the website and watch any video on any given topic. Is not that simple?
  • BetterLesson: BetterLesson is a Boston based social media platform that allows educators to create, organize and share their curricula, lesson plans and classroom materials. This educational tool enables the teachers to share knowledge, exchange ideas and get feedback from other educators. It provides a forum for the international educators where they can find information, views and opinions across the different educational systems around the world.
  • ClassDojo: ClassDojo is a class management tool to supervise behavior of students in the classroom. Using this tool, teachers can give performance points to students in a real-time manner. Teachers can send prompts like “Great work Joe!” or “Linda, not appreciated!” to instantly notify students for their behavior in the classroom. Using this platform, teachers can even share the performance and behavior of their students with the parents and administrators.
  • PowerSchool : PowerSchool is yet another tool that allows teachers to capitalize the classroom experience of students. It is a student information system which allows the teachers to take timely actions on performance of students. It also enables teachers, students and parents to collaborate on a single platform. Using this tool, teachers can track record performance of students, track their performance and share reports with the parents. Released in 1999, PowerSchool has accounts of over 13 million students in 65 countries.
  • SMART Board: As the name suggests, SMART Board is an interactive white board where you can give lessons, write notes and save your work with just the tip of your finger. So educators have now more choice in terms of time and space. With SMART Board, teachers can save and access any educational or instructional stuff at any time during their period if they are engaged with other activities. This really is SMART! (Have a look at these great SmartBoard Resources)
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Author: Adel Reuben
Adel Reuben is a research analyst at Dissertation Point, a UK based academic writing agency. He specialize in academia and loves to write on student affairs.

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