Indonesia-based Blue-collar Job Upskilling Platform Pintarnya Raises $6.3M In Seed Round

Pintarnya, an Indonesia-based job platform that focuses on blue-collar workers, has raised $6.3 million in a seed round led by Sequoia Capital India and General Catayst.

Founded by former Traveloka executives Nelly Nurmalasari and Henry Hendrawan, along with Ghirish Pokardas, who previously worked at KKR and Boston Consulting Group, Pintarnya helps blue-collar workers to find relevant job opportunities based on their skill sets and location. The platform also works with employers to select suitable applicants. It uses a data-driven approach to connect job-seekers to job opportunities. This approach simplifies and makes the hiring process more efficient for both job seekers and employers.

The company verifies the authenticity of job postings to avoid scams and highlights verified job postings with green shield flags. Verification includes verifying that a job posting is from a real employer and curating it based on new jobs, jobs closest to a job seeker, jobs for those with no experience, salary information, and other factors the platform experiments with.

Speaking about the company, Co-founder of Pintarnya, Nelly Nurmalasari, said in a statement:

"I used to hire staff for my hair salon via online classifieds platforms or employee referrals. It was hard to screen and qualify candidates, and verify their employment history quickly. On the other hand , I realized that for job seekers it's painful to search and apply for relevant jobs and they often get defrauded in the process."

The team said that as Pintarnya’s recommendation algorithms build a track record of successfully contacting and matching job seekers with employers, they get better by “understanding what other characteristics of job seekers have a higher propensity to convert their application into a successful job match”.

The startup focuses on the food and beverage, hospitality and retail sectors now reopening after the COVID lockdowns, and logistics. Currently, Pintarnya is in the process of hiring more employees and aims to expands its financial services offerings. It also plans to expand into other sectors as well and is open to partnerships with employers from other industries in the near future.

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