Knowunity Raises €10M to Build Global Learning Platform for Gen Z Students

Knowunity Raises €10M

Knowunity, a Berlin-based digital learning platform, has raised €10 million in a Series A funding round co-led by Redalpine and Stride.

Existing investors such as Project A and angels including the World Cup-winning footballer Mario Götze and the founders of and Preply also participated in the funding round.

Knowunity provides a clean, vertically-focused mobile app that covers everything a student needs to have a great learning experience. It’s entirely peer-to-peer and enables students to create and publish their own educational content to help learners better understand the course curriculum – all tailored to their own country and in their own language.

Students engage through direct messaging and real support is provided via group learning and the power of the community. Through the platform’s creator tools, Knowunity allows students to build strong content, profiles, and followings that can be amplified both in-app and externally so they can amplify their reach and generate a viral loop back to the product.

Knowunity’s founders have built an app that provides the best digital learning experience by combining the most effective elements of education with the dynamics of a social network in order to serve Gen Z students in a way that would be both highly enjoyable and highly effective.

Launched in 2020, Knowunity is now one of Europe’s fastest-growing EdTech apps – with over 2.4 million users to date. Following successful launches in Austria and Switzerland, the company launched its platform in France at the beginning of the year, where they have already attracted more than 300,000 users. Knowunity has also added Poland as part of its expansion efforts in late April and the app achieved more than 60,000 new users within its first week to become the fastest growing app in the country’s App Store.

Benedict Kurz, Co-founder & CEO of Knowunity, said,

"With Stride and Redalpine we now have found two seasoned, international lead investors who support our vision to build the global platform for students. We are very happy about the trust that has been placed in us once again by existing investors such as Project A and Mario Götze and are pleased about the support from well-known and experienced Angels such as the co-founders of and Preply."

According to a press statement, the fresh funding will be used to drive forward product development in order to provide better support for students in their everyday school life. The startup also aims to grow its team from 60 to more than 100 employees by the end of this year.

Gabbi Cahane, Partner at, added,

"From the first moment we met Benedict and the founding team, we knew we had an exceptionally talented group in front of us. Considering the whole founding team was sitting in the classroom less than two years ago, what they’ve achieved to date is outstanding. Their unique set of insights and ability to execute on them means they’ve found a way to ‘crack the code’ for this audience and this problem. Thanks to the power of UGC and strong network effects, Knowunity is well placed to replicate their early traction internationally and become the dominant category player – globally. This is a bet on a team with exceptional raw talent that are attempting to drag an antiquated education system into the light of the 21st century. If this works, Knowunity can define an entire new category of EdTech for Gen Z."

In the future, Knowunity wants to continue to expand the reach of its platform, with plans to launch in Italy and the UK later this year. The startup also plans to expand into the US.

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