[Tool for Students] With Flinja, Turn Your Passion Into An Opportunity

[Tool for Students] With Flinja, Turn Your Passion Into An Opportunity

There is no doubt that students who have great creativity or good expertise in any particular area of interest are likely to avail many opportunities in their future professions. Why wait for the future when they can have numerous opportunities to explore

 knowledge and earn money while studying in schools and colleges.

Before introducing a great platform that provides you with the above mentioned opportunity, I’d like to tell you a small story behind it.

Victor, Rebecca, Calvin, Ken, and David had all worked together before in multiple startups. One day, when they were in a regular meet, they had a discussion among themselves about their past lives and post college activities. They wished they could have had online platforms where they could build their skills for future professions, make extra dough while still in school to pay off their student debt and avail more opportunities from the college itself. Meanwhile, they thought of such online platforms and network opportunities existing nowadays. There were websites for freelancers in general, but there was nothing that seized their imagination and really got anyone excited.   They all realized there wasn't a place on the Internet where college students could turn their passions into an opportunity to make cash, contacts and build their resume all in the same spot. This discussion turned into a revolutionary idea of creating an online platform “Flinja”, through which they offer students an alternative to the status quo with a college-centric service provider community specifically for students, staff and alumni on campuses across the nation - a platform where you can post a service, get hired, make contacts, read and post reviews, and make and receive payments in the same place.

 “53% of recent college graduates find themselves unemployed and to add on to the top of that, they’re ending up with an average of $30,000 student debt. Flinja solves this pain-point by providing a platform where they can showcase their skills from higher Ed, build valuable work experience for startups and big companies alike. So, by the time they get out of college, they’ll have a lot of work history that will help them get into a good profession.”, said Victor, Cofounder and CEO, Flinja.

Flinja is a San Francisco based company, founded by  Victor, Rebecca, Calvin, Ken, and David in 2012. It utilizes the talent and passion of college students to create a freelance workforce. It focuses on the 18-27 year old demographic. Let’s learn about how it works.

Get Started:

Once you’re done with the registration and verification of mail id, everything is set up for you to have access to Flinja. Fill your details namely institution, education, stream, occupation (student or staff or alumni), etc.

Post a Service :

Create your profile by entering academic, co-curricular and extra curricular information. Describe your skills and expertise, the service you’re offering, enter the amount you want to get paid with and choose your availability of time. It also enables you to import information such as skills, languages known, work history, awards and honors, recommendations, etc., from your LinkedIn profile. This helps you showcase your skills to potential employers and get hired by them.

Get Connected :

Flinja’s secure network brings students the best chance of connecting with someone in need of their service. With social as well as search engine features, Flinja provides students with a great platform to discover jobs offered by startups and big companies. You can follow the people with same interests to explore and exchange skills, hire or get hired in the future.

"Flinja offers college students a new way to list services and find jobs in an easy and safe way, while alumni have the opportunity to give back their services to people within their college network."

Get Paid:

Edit your payment information on your profile by giving your bank and credit card details. Flinja receives & holds payment when the service agreement is made, so that you are guaranteed to receive payment upon confirmation of job completion.

We hope this information is useful for you to know about Flinja, a great site which gives support to students’ financial needs by utilizing their passion, reduces the confusion about future professions by creating great pre-work histories and also helps them get into great startups and companies. We’d like to make our readers aware of more platforms like these. If you know a few, please feel free to share with us in the comment box.


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