Coinmarketpedia Raises $2M

Coinmarketpedia, a Dubai-based crypto and blockchain e-learning platform, has raised $2 million in a pre-seed funding round.

While the company did not disclose the name of the investors, according to Shameer Thaha, Chief Futurist of Coinmarketpedia, it plans to leverage the funds to expand its global footprint as well as expand its marketing and public relations activities across multiple channels and build partnerships with schools, institutes, and universities.

Founded in 2019 by Ashay Arya and Aryan Farivar, Coinmarketpedia aims to provide crypto and blockchain enthusiasts and investors with trading and cryptocurrency knowledge. It has over 70 instructors and offers an entire library of more than 160 on-demand courses available with the simple click of a button. The platform has also launched its latest instructor dashboard with advanced analytical features.

Shameer Thaha, Chief Futurist of Coinmarketpedia, said,

"The funds will not only further enable growth, but it will allow us to expand on marketing and PR activities across multiple channels and build partnerships with schools, institutes, and universities. The Coinmarketpedia team is building a revolutionary platform that will unify all expert efforts in sharing their crypto and blockchain expertise with enthusiasts, developers, investors, and traders, and that will be a hub for all crypto and blockchain professionals of the industry."

Coinmarketpedia brings immense value to the blockchain sector, with mounts of misleading information paired with an unregulated crypto education. The platform is set to influence and enhance the decentralised financial experience, which is vital to one’s digital success and financial freedom.

The platform aims to extend its offering and branch out to host several additional features to go live throughout this year, including developing a professional academic section as well as a blockchain-based certificate verification that will bring trust and credibility to the certifications that students gain.

Coinmarketpedia officially launched its unique and ingenious digital hub in February 2022 and the launch was made exclusively available to users on an ‘invite-only basis’. Further access to the public was only officially implemented in April 2022.

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