Michigan-based Alchemie Receives $1M Grant for Accessible Learning for STEM

Alchemie receives $1 million grant

Alchemie, a Michigan-based EdTech company providing game-based digital learning tools for STEM, has recently announced that it has received a $1 million Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant from the Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences (IES), to bring to market the Kasi Learning System.

Kasi is a system that uses multi-sensory augmented reality to create pathways for all students, and especially those with blindness or low vision (BLV), to explore and learn chemistry and physics. The Kasi system is a web-based software application that combines tactile manipulatives with computer vision algorithms to allow the manipulatives to "talk" to students to provide guidance as students learn STEM concepts. Instead of a mouse or a touchpad, the Kasi manipulatives, embossed with braille and other symbols, provide an alternative user interface for Alchemie's interactive learning software.

The Alchemie platform of interactive learning tools combines outstanding design with a game-inspired approach to present tough concepts for STEM in an innovative, engaging way. Rote memorization and multiple-choice questions are transformed into experimentation and meaningful learning with research-backed interactive technology. Alchemie's innovative web-based learning interactives are readily integrated with existing content delivery systems to create new, accessible educational experiences for STEM.

The goal is to create a learning system that is "born accessible," and deliver accommodations for differently-abled learners as a key feature, not as an add-on to the product. Since most BLV students are more likely to receive instruction in mainstream classes, Kasi helps to build inclusiveness and confidence for BLV students and increase academic persistence in STEM courses.

Explaining the need and how the system will help the BLV students, Julia Winter, Founder & CEO of Alchemie, said,

"With the shift to all-digital learning tools which rely more on visual interactions, blind science students have an even more difficult time keeping up with content. With the STEM skills learned from tools like Kasi, BLV youngsters are more likely to have the confidence to continue on into good science-oriented careers."

Through partnerships with leading education publishers, Alchemie integrates its innovative learning tools, including Kasi, into content and homework systems, creating a truly accessible learning experience for all students.

According to a news release, Alchemie also received an additional $125,000 funding from the Michigan Emerging Technology Fund, apart from the SBIR grant. The company plans to use the grant and funding to design and manufacture inclusive packaging and the Kasi tactile pieces in the Traverse City area of Northwest Michigan.

SBIR grants are awarded to startups building game-changing technologies with the potential for a positive impact on society.

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