AISECT Group Launches AISECT Learn to Deliver Better Education, Better Careers

AISECT Group Launches AISECT Learn

AISECT Group, India’s leading higher education group, has launched AISECT Learn, a future-ready e-learning platform designed for upskilling and knowledge building that enables learners to master in-demand, industry-ready skills, delivered in multiple languages.

The new age e-learning platform, aimed at delivering better education and better careers, was launched on World Youth Skills Day, i.e. 15th July 2022, and is dedicated to the Indian youth.

AISECT Learn offers a wide array of disciplines from recognized world-class universities. The learning modules offered at AISECT Learn are aligned with New Education Policy offering 1000+ courses across 80+ categories, offering soft skills and placement-oriented training.

On AISECT Learn, learners can upskill themselves under streams like Data Science, Digital Marketing, Business Management, Software Development, Cyber Security, Cloud computing, BFSI, Entrepreneurship, Renewable energy, and many more. Aimed at reaching the grassroots of India, AISECT Learn offers a blended model of learning wherein students gain access to courses in vernacular languages through online and in-person classes led by trained & experienced trainers, thereby building an inclusive learning landscape. With an end goal of building a gainful career, the range of courses spans from short-term certification, to advanced certification, and professional/advanced diplomas. Focusing on the practical aspect of education, AISECT Learn prepares learners for the best career prospects in the market.

Speaking about the launch, Siddharth Chaturvedi, Vice President at AISECT Group said,

"On this World Youth Skills Day, AISECT Learn invites learners to upskill themselves with new age skills for better careers. Our quest to provide quality education over the past three decades has played a key role in the education landscape, and we are thrilled to launch the AISECT Learn eLearning platform. As we continue to build the AISECT legacy, we endeavour to provide opportunities that will encourage professionals to up-skill and garner advanced skills without having to bear the opportunity cost. With our core pillars of Better Education and Better Career, AISECT Learn has opportunities for everyone looking at up-skilling and building their skillsets to meet the evolving industry standards."

AISECT Learn also offers employment opportunities for instructors and content partners who can participate in the programme through a revenue-sharing model or license-based transfer pricing model. The revenue-sharing model allows instructors and content partners to create video content with the help of AISECT studio, where they can enjoy the benefits of co-branding and marketing by AISECT Learn. Whereas in the license-based model, instructors can teach using AISECT Learn courses, conduct their live sessions and webinars through the platform, and get access to focused learning through quizzes and course completion badges. 

The platform is also partnering with universities and educators to create and deliver world-class programmes. This is a step in the direction toward developing content that helps build expertise in emerging areas while aligning learning outcomes with business goals. Through a partnership with corporate placement providers, AISECT Learn aims to drive innovation and transformation with skills-first learning and placement support. From a corporate perspective, AISECT Learn aims to offer courses designed to promote upskilling in emerging areas, while building the next-generation talent pool.

With personalization being a core aspect, AISECT Learn encourages students to pick a course and mode of learning based on their unique requirements and delivers it through an easy-to-understand, relevant pedagogy.

The AISECT Group’s mission is to establish world-class and affordable education in locations that are in dire need of a quality higher education ecosystem. The Group's core ideology has been to groom its students into responsible, proficient, and ethical professionals across all its higher education endeavours. With over three decades of unparalleled experience in skill development and job placement, the Group offers its students immense opportunities through its extensive industry linkages and expertise in the entrepreneurship sector.

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