SaaS Startup Languify Raises $180K in Seed Round Led by Titan Capital

Languify Raises $180K in Seed Round

Languify, a B2B SaaS startup, has raised $180,000 in a seed round led by Titan Capital, the VC arm of Rohit Bansal & Kunal Bahl, with participation from Smile group led by Manish & Ramit Arora, Goel family fund led by Hitesh Bindal, Pawan & Vishwas Goel, Alsisar Impact led by Anuj Sharma, CIIE led by Chintan Bakshi, Sethu Raman, CEO at Bewise, Anand Lakra, Partner at JS, and Mridula Chettri, CEO of Inmovidutech.

Additionally, Sourabh Chourasia and Arjun Mallya also participated in the round.

The company said the fresh capital will be used to build its core team, for product development and growth.

Founded in January 2021 by Lokap, Shivam, and Mohak Sahu, Languify started as an IIT-Bombay-based startup trying to solve the problem of lack of personalized interaction between the students and teachers. They got support from their college professor Parag Bhargava who now serves as a mentor and core member of the company. Parag, who had been teaching at IITs for more than 25 years, felt that a ton of students lack communication skills which impact their careers. This is how Languify got started.

Expressing their happiness to receive funds, Lokap Sahu, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Languify, said, 

“We are grateful for the trust our investors has shown in Languify & the team. With the funds received, we are looking forward to expand our team and scale our technology to the best. We are also looking forward to establishing early tractions, revenues and scaling the product.”

Languify provides Interactive AI-based solutions to businesses by automating their human-led learning workflows at 1/10th of cost and time (like automating homework, quizzes, screening candidates, and mock interviews) for Edutech & HR tech domains.

Commenting on investing, Bipin Shah, Partner - Titan Capital, said, 

“With this investment, we hope to help Languify scale their solution for students and professionals across India that are struggling with language and self-confidence. Languify is going to be a very important tool in helping the youth and setting them on par with everyone else worldwide.”

Sethu Raman, CEO, Bewise, added, 

“Team Languify, being driven by such a passionate leader with a deeply invested team, made me extremely keen to be a part of it. Their cutting-edge approach to incremental change and improving learning behavior is a unique viewpoint. Indeed their impact-driven mission to enable people to improve their communication skills made me believe in this valuable product.”

Businesses earn more revenue and save more operations costs with Languify resulting in 1.5 million USD LOIs and a rich pipeline of clients (73 MoUs signed) looking to cut costs while increasing their product`s value proposition.

Languify has deployed with Apli, Skilledge, Cipher school, etc., and is in talks with UpGrad, Harappa, etc. to integrate the application. The team is looking for further funding to expand and grow faster.

According to the founders, their clients get more than Rs 100 worth of value for every rupee they spent with Languify. With such an advantageous proposition in these recession-like times, businesses, especially EdTech/HR Tech companies, are jumping on to collaborate with the platform.

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