University of Phoenix Announces Agreement with MedCerts to Create Educational Opportunities for Students & Employees in Healthcare & IT

University of Phoenix Announces Agreement with MedCerts

University of Phoenix has announced a new agreement with MedCerts – a Stride, Inc. company – to create educational opportunities for students and employees in healthcare and information technology (IT), and a talent pipeline and upskill system for employers.

MedCerts offers unique training options for healthcare and IT employers to reskill and train staff for in-demand roles. The agreement with the University of Phoenix allows learners to access a broad set of educational options.

“The job vacancy crisis – especially within the healthcare and information technology industries – requires a shift in the landscape of higher education,” said Jason Aubrey, CEO of MedCerts. “The combination of MedCerts’ short-term, low to no-debt certification training programs and University of Phoenix’s vast degree pathways not only opens doors for a more diverse student population to build career pathways, it builds bridges for employers to invest in their staff and build talent pipelines for a stronger workforce.”

Many of today's healthcare occupations are in the field of allied health, which includes professionals who support the healthcare system through a range of diagnostic, technical, therapeutic, and support services. Yet, there are critical and ongoing staffing shortages in allied health which can be addressed through retention and upskilling efforts.

MedCerts' online certification training programs include medical coding and billing, medical assistant, dental assistant, pharmacy technician, IT helpdesk administrator, IT network technician, cybersecurity analyst, and more. The University of Phoenix offers a range of degree programs in healthcare, nursing, and IT, offering MedCerts’ learners a pathway to higher degrees.

“We know that today's workplace is constantly evolving and that new skills will be needed. Cooperation between employers and educational institutions are critical to provide the training for needed skills that emerge," states Raghu Krishnaiah, chief operating officer of University of Phoenix. “We are excited to work with MedCerts and together, bring more options to employers, employees, and students, providing flexible and accessible training and education in healthcare and IT. Our courses, degrees, and professional development options are for individuals who are just starting out, as well as professionals who are looking to advance their skill sets.”

Through this collaboration with the University of Phoenix, many of MedCerts's programs may also support an accelerated pathway to a degree at the University. The University of Phoenix has generous transfer policies and provides a supportive transfer pathway to all students. Prior eligible credits can cover up to 75% of a student’s bachelor’s degree. Additionally, Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) fees have been waived for students going forward; this assessment evaluates on-the-job training, workplace certifications, military service, and experiences for college credit. It can help students save money and graduate faster.

Learners completing MedCerts courses may meet certain PLA credit requirements for future coursework at the University of Phoenix. Some MedCerts programs offering up to 13 credits are eligible for transfer. Further details about the number of credits awarded for each MedCerts course are available here.

The University of Phoenix Workforce Solutions offers companies across diverse industries as well as community colleges tailored learning and career pathways to recruit, upskill, reskill, and retain their workforce in an affordable and timely manner. Their flexible solutions are aligned to workplace needs and feature live support, career guidance and support tools, education programs, learning pathways, and credit options, including certificates, workshops, single courses, degree programs, or any combination of these tools.

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