AtomicMind Launches College Admissions Technology Platform for Personalized & Comprehensive College Application Experience

AtomicMind Launches College Admissions Technology Platform for Personalized & Comprehensive College Application Experience

AtomicMind, an education technology company that offers families a boutique coaching experience in the increasingly competitive college admissions landscape, recently announced the launch of a unique technology platform.

The new offering provides a comprehensive and personalized college application experience by combining hands-on expert guidance from dedicated advisors with robust virtual task management, communication and feedback tools.

Founded by MIT and Harvard graduates with 40+ years of elite admissions experience, AtomicMind gives college applicants the benefits of enhanced feedback and collaboration with a team of experts including strategists, writing coaches and former admissions staff members from elite colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, MIT and Stanford.

The platform addresses every aspect of the admissions process, from crafting compelling essays to mastering interviews to refining activity and college lists. The technology includes tools for keeping track of important deadlines and documents, while offering applicants key insights into what each college admissions committee is looking for.

The company is trusted by families internationally for getting 99% of students into one or more of their three, top-choice schools – all while reducing family tension inherent in the admissions process.

Speaking about the initiative, Founder & CEO of AtomicMind, Leelila Strogov, said:

"The new AtomicMind platform offers families access to the tools and experts needed to navigate the increasingly high standards of the elite college admissions process."

Strogov further added:

"The platform aims to maximize college acceptance rates by helping students more effectively build college lists, create tailored applications and stay organized. It also provides parents with an opportunity to monitor the progress of their student’s college applications. This spares busy applicants the extra stress of having to provide updates to their parents or the feeling that they are being interrogated."

AtomicMind provides structure to the college application process that facilitates increased student engagement, efficiency, accountability and quality. The platform includes, a college list-building section that enables students and their advisors to more effectively track and discuss which colleges students are considering, making it easier to develop the optimal, Early Action, Early Decision and Regular Decision strategies, a task management system that provides easy and efficient tracking of – and communication between – students and advisors about every step of the application process, storage of all essential documents and information, including application essay drafts, extracurricular activity lists and school transcripts.

It also includes, ability to serve as a hub for actionable feedback from a dedicated team of experts including strategists, writing coaches and interview coaches, and to provide students with ongoing evaluations and recommendations on how to improve their candidacy, leveraging input from former admissions committee staff members.

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