Recognition of Your EdTech Contribution - EdTech Digest Awards Program 2014

Recognition of Your EdTech Contribution - EdTech Digest Awards Program 2014
The EdTech Digest Awards Program recognizes people in and around education for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere. Featuring the best and brightest in edtech, the annual 
recognition program seeks to highlight and celebrate the most effective products and the most innovative people.

Nominations/submissions for the 2014 awards program are open between August 19, 2013 and September 30, 2013, but the deadline will be extended to October 18, 2013 for an additional fee. An additional $49.00 flat fee (not per entry) will apply during this extended entry period. 

There are three major award categories, each with multiple subcategories:

  1. Cool Tool Awards
  2. Leadership Awards
  3. Trendsetter Awards

1. Cool Tool Awards: 

new product or service (released in 2012 or later)

academic gaming solution
assessment solution
classroom hardware solution (includes interactive whiteboards)
collaboration solution
communication solution
content provider solution
digital textbook
district data solution
e-learning solution
emerging technology solution
green solution
interactive white board solution (not hardware - just content)
networking solution
learning management system
mobile (device) solution
mobile (app) solution - early childhood, elementary
mobile (app) solution - middle and high school
mobile (app) solution - post-secondary
open source solution
parent/student portal solution
presentation solution
professional development solution
reporting solution
social networking/academic networking solution
security/privacy solution
STEM solution
student academic tracking solution
telecomm solution
virtualization solution

other subcategory (name it)

2. Leadership Awards: 
edu-preneurs (education entrepreneurs), edtech startups
school leader (teacher, media specialist, technology coordinator, instructional technology coach, principal, superintendent, etc)
national (U.S. leader on the national stage)
international (leader making a difference across international boundaries)
edtech author (books)
edtech blogger
PR firm/publicist
overall edtech rockstar
other subcategory (name it)

3. Trendsetter Awards:
product or service setting a trend
leader setting a trend
researcher/research group
conference organizer
other subcategory (name it)

Finalists and winners in the 2014 EdTech Digest Awards Program will be chosen based on seven key elements that apply to products and services:
Attractiveness: Is it pleasing to the eye? Do color, composition, design and overall presentation make a big difference?

Interest: Does it pull the viewer in, motivate someone to reach in that direction? Does it get them excited and motivated? Is it alive?

Message delivery: Beyond the initial attraction and interest, does it have a message? Is that message clearly communicated? Is the content clear and accurate? Is there a balance of images and words? Is it understandable?

Workability : Is it set up such that the complexity does not outweigh the usefulness? Can it be navigated with ease? Is it easy, fun and intuitive? Is it scalable? Is there sufficient speed? Does it work?

Support: Is there sufficient documentation, explanation, back up help, or professional development surrounding it? Are questions answered or access to answers possible and of sufficient quality and clarity so as to not impede forward motion?

Results: What evidence is there that it attains its stated goals? What success stories, case studies or statistical evidence support its efficacy? What do sheer user numbers indicate? If low numbers, what is the rate of user growth?
Potential: In the bigger picture, does this concept have long-term value? Is there something here of interest that stirs up the imagination with possibilities? Is this a best-kept secret? Can this help millions more?

The distinguished awards program recognizes outstanding solutions-and the best and brightest minds-in education and technology. Past winners of the EdTech Digest Awards Program have included, among others: Pearson, Epson and McGraw-Hill, as well as emerging solutions providers Panarea Digital, StudySync and StudyBlue.

This year's program features 50 categories to enter. A distinguished panel of industry influencers and veterans will conduct this year's evaluation proceedings. "This year, we've extended the judging review period to accommodate for the continually increasing number of entries," said Victor Rivero, who oversees the program as Editor in Chief of EdTech Digest.

"In the history of modern education, there has never been a better time for modernizing education," said Rivero. "A confluence of factors - the right time, technology and people - is making that statement reality. This year's program will celebrate and highlight the new reality."

The program is comprised of the Cool Tool, Trendsetter and Leadership Awards. All entries fall into a subcategory under one of these three main categories. Cool Tool awards recognize new, emerging and established technology solutions for education; the Trendsetter awards include notable people or products shaping the space, and the EdTech Leadership awards recognize outstanding forward-thinking contributions to learning and technology.

The nomination period closes September 30, 2013. "We're excited to have a closer look at the tools, trendsetters and leaders driving education forward," said Rivero.

A full list of last year's award finalists and winners can be found at For an entry form and further details, write to:

The mission of the annual awards program is to get workable technology solutions for education widely known about and well thought of with the purpose of reshaping the education culture and creating a new and better future for students. Over the years, the best products and brightest minds have been featured helping millions of students, teachers, parents, administrators and others in and around education. The EdTech Digest Awards Recognition Program is a division of EdTech Digest, LLC. EdTech Digest is a leading source of cool tools, in-depth interviews and notable trends in the education and technology space. Celebrating all the latest gadgets, gizmos and new technologies moving education forward, the online magazine delves deeper into the stories of the people behind the technology to discover what drives them to conceptualize, create, develop and deploy their products and services to the masses. Featuring movers and shakers in and around education dedicated to making a difference for our future generations read it online at

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