Hapara: Powering Google Apps for Educators
Google offers powerful engaging tools for students to learn in a great way. The tools include free Web-based email, calendar & documents for collaborative study anytime, anywhere. In addition, there are thousands of apps that are designed especially 
for students, educators and administrators. Using these apps in the field of education brings improved learning outcomes. The thing educators need to be aware of is that, “the more you use Google as a teacher, the more content you’ve to manage”.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know which students are on the track and who need help. To overcome this difficulty, Hapara, an innovative education technology company comes into the field. Let’s learn about it.

Hapara is an innovative EdTech company that helps educators effectively use cloud-based, open tools to positively impact student learning. Hapara ’s mission is to provide users with an educational platform on top Google apps.  It covers Docs, Sites, Blogger, Gmail, Picasa, Class Calendars and also Google Plus. Basically, what Hapara does is that it takes everything that’s going on Google, organizes it and presents it back to use structurally in class or by students. It also provides educators with an organized snapshot view of student activity. It saves their time and effort and helps them focus their attention where it is most needed to improve students’ learning outcomes. With Hapara, educators can easily track student progress, homeworks and assignments just with a few clicks.

To add to the top of all these features of Hapara, it provides educators with many authorizing tools to monitor the students’ learning activity. Let’s learn about those educator tools quickly.

Educators can find Docs when students forget to share them.

Reset students’ passwords.

Can access what students are doing online on their devices, remotely.

With Hapara, all student interactions on Google apps become transparent, this ensures online student safety.


Teacher Dashboard:

For Teachers:

Teacher Dashboard , a product by Hapara, structures Google apps to give a feel of the classroom”. It provides an instructional management layer on top of Google Apps, giving educators a snapshot view of student activity across Docs, Sites, Blogger, Picasa, Gmail, Google+ and Calendars. With Teacher Dashboard, teachers get a simplified bird’s eye view of all recent student activity on Google apps. Just browse over to see each student’s correct work in an instant and real-time. Quickly see posts from Blogger and get a snapshot view of all comments. Educators can also see all student activities in Picasa, examine students’ portfolios with a quick view into their sites without unnecessary navigation. Use Smart copy wizard to share a document instantly with students. Hapara has built this product exclusively on teacher and school feedback.

For Students:

Students do their work on Google apps as usual and drop their works into the folders created by Hapara for their classroom.

“Teacher Dashboard is essential for using Google Apps in the classroom. Everything is right there in one centralized location. I don’t know how we managed without it.”- James Sanders, Innovation Manager, KIPP Bay Area Schools.

The following are the features of Teacher Dashboard:

Dashboard for Google Drive: Snapshot view of each student’s most recent work.

Smart Copy Wizard: Share Docs just with a few clicks.

Dashboard for Blogger: Snapshot view of each student’s most recent posts and all comments on their blog, for each class.

Dashboard for Google Sites: See student updates and activity on sites and ePortfolios at a glance.

Dashboard for Picassa: Preview images and portfoilios created in Picasa by each student.

Dashboard for Gmail: Look into students’ gmail accounts.

In addition to the above features, there are many add-ons that make Teacher Dashboard much effective. If you like using Google apps for education, there is no doubt that you’ll love using Hapara. Register for an online demo or get started with a pilot program of any duration with your school district.

With Hapara’s tools, Google Apps becomes both easier to use and more effective. Hapara drives educators to provide students with a safe, collaborative, digital learning environment, and helps schools save money. We hope this information is useful for you to know about Hapara, which optimizes Google Apps for schools by structuring them around classes and students. We’d like to know about a few more tools like this. If you know a few, please feel free to share with us in the comment box. 

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