Medsembly Launches Interactive Mentorship Platform to Nurture Next-Gen Healthcare Professionals

Medsembly Launches Interactive Mentorship Platform

Medsembly, an Atlanta-based mentorship-driven career resource tool that connects aspiring healthcare students directly to professionals in their prospective careers, has announced the launch of its interactive all-in-one platform available for both iOS and Android devices.

In partnership with schools, Medsembly gives students access to resources and mentors for one-on-one advice, and mentors enjoy a wide range of perks and discounts while supporting the next-gen healthcare workers.

“Our mission at Medsembly is to prepare students early for the arduous journey in medicine to yield greater job satisfaction, less burnout, and promote an overall stronger sector,” says Rodeline Joseph, PA-C, founder and CEO of Medsembly.

While mentorship plays a vital role in healthcare, according to a Journal of Healthcare Leadership report, oftentimes health professionals assume their first leadership positions without proper training and no formal mentoring. One of the challenges has been the difficulty of finding a mentor. A recent survey revealed that although 98 percent of respondents thought mentoring is important, only 10 percent reported being satisfied with their mentoring situation and 82 percent of respondents require more access to mentors. The most cited reason for not having mentors was the accessibility to more experienced professionals. Medsembly bridges this gap.

“Not having anyone in my family or anyone I know closely in the medical field is hard because I often don’t know who to turn to for advice…this app has been extremely beneficial,” says Sierra Gonzales, a pre-PA student using Medsembly.

After completing a seamless onboarding process, students have access to a network of mentors, and can ask for help by requesting a “task.” A task is assistance with a specific matter such as resume review, shadowing opportunity, or mock interview, among other deliverables. Mentors can accept a request and initiate the process. They will then be able to communicate and track the progress of this task to ensure successful completion. Mentors receive 50 percent commission on paid tasks. To ensure everything is done and submitted in a timely manner, mentors have two weeks to complete a task once initiated. Users also have access to an exclusive medical community via chat boards, where students and professionals can ask questions, engage in meaningful discussions, and post educational videos.

Since operations began earlier this year, Medsembly has experienced rapid growth with over 1,000 app downloads to date and more than 400 monthly active users. The company was recently accepted into the Techstars Atlanta accelerator program.

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