8 Smart Educational Apps Essential For Every Teacher

8 Smart Educational Apps Essential For Every Teacher
In today’s fast-paced era, time is a deciding factor for the teachers. To keep up with the pace of this profession, they have to adapt strategies that can make them productive in the classroom.

There are various teaching and educational apps that make

 it easier for the teachers to maximize teaching and get the most out of their efforts. Take a look at the following educational apps that are popularly among teachers around the world.

1.     Google Apps

This is like your online office suite that you can use while staying on the web. It is a collection of software and tools that allow you to share, communicate and collaborate with your pupils. The various applications of Google Apps include Gmail, Google, Google talk, Google docs and Google calendar. Used by millions of educators and academicians around the globe, it comes first in our list.

2.     Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging website that enables teachers and students to share information, views and knowledge across a diversified range of topics. It has an international following of millions of educators who can tweet about anything in 160 characters limit. For its functional design and productivity, it is a preferred teaching tool for both teachers and pupils. With Twitter, educators can expect more innovative ways of teaching and learning in the coming years.

3.     Skype

Skype is an effective tool for teaching and educating through internet. It lets teachers communicate and collaborate with their pupils and colleagues and allows them to engage in different interactive and teaching activities. This tool is particularly handy because it is simple and economical. So now teachers can contact with their students without spending a penny.

4.     YouTube

YouTube is the largest video-sharing website available today. It offers plenty of choices in terms of teaching and learning. So if you are a busy teacher engaged in a hectic schedule of classes, you can use this interactive website to make your work less hectic. You can even connect with your students using this video blog to assign tasks, answer their questions and share information.

5.     Evernote

Evernote is a popular tool for teachers to keep in synch with the students. It allows them to take notes, organize them into folders and finally share them with students. Notes can be taken in a number of ways, such as a web page, webpage excerpt, a voice comment or even in the handwriting form. It enables teachers to work more in less time, making it a time-friendly tool for them.

6.     Dropbox

Similar to Evernote , Dropbox allows teachers to remain updated while on the go. It enables them to save their lesson plans, lectures and other assignments on a cloud-based hard drive. This means that students can access this hard drive through any computer. All you need is to create a folder on your desktop where you can drag and drop your latest files. From there, you can access the folder from anywhere at any time regardless of the device, i.e., via a desktop PC, tablet or smarthphone.

7.     Edmodo

Commonly called as Facebook of the academic world, Edmodo is something that offers teacher choices in terms of time and space. It allows them to share informative resources, organize discussions and exchange knowledge in and outside a classroom. This allows the teachers to teach in a time-paced environment where they can give equal attention to every individual student no matter how responsive or lazy he is.

8.     Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a popular tool for tracking behavior of pupils in a classroom. It is like monitoring the whole class via your fingertips alone. It allows the teachers to reinforce good performance, positive attitude and discipline in a classroom. You can use this tool to encourage good behavior, acknowledge reforms or penalize bad attitude. It also authorizes the parents to keep a real-time track of their children’s performance and behavior. How cool is that? 

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