thinkcercaTremendous changes are happening in education. Classrooms are being upgraded with 21st century technological approaches. The advancements in technology help educators know much more about students’ personal learning in order to provide them with a suitable learning environment and deliver personalized instructions.

Especially those educators who prepare to teach Common Core State Standards, a new set of challenging standards for career and college readiness is adopted by many states, technology is a must needed help for students to learn without stress. Because when we have more data and new standards, it leads to a very busy schedule where students can’t get time to spend with family or to gain practical knowledge by working things out. With ThinkCERCA, educators help students overcome this situation easily. Let’s learn about how it works.

ThinkCERCA allows educators to design and deliver Common Core State Standards aligned literacy lessons for grades 6-12. Using the highest quality content across disciplines enables students to get what they need in the CERCA (claims, evidence, reasoning, counter-arguments, audience) system. ThinkCERCA allows educators to match the best content with the best lesson design to deliver lessons directly to students. In a traditional classroom, teachers used to deliver one wide lesson for all students even if they were unable to learn at the same pace. But with ThinkCERCA, teachers can flip their classroom to provide students with personalized flipping lessons using many ThinkCERCA resources. It also enables educators to reach any student, anytime to deliver instructions online with an Internet connection. With all these features ThinkCERCA enables teachers to help students learn to read closely, think critically, and ultimately develop powerful arguments across disciplines.


Personalized instruction deals with big data which needs to be processed frequently, but if teachers are employed to do all these tasks, they’ll no longer have time to work with each student who needs help. ThinkCERCA provides educators with ready-made lessons and lesson design tools to reduce their efforts and save their time to work with students. It also provides educators with resources for success, for example; implementation plans, and guidance on how to make sure your kids love using ThinkCERCA. Let’s learn about ThinkCERCA’s functionality.

Create Lessons:
With ThinkCERCA, lesson creation is very easy. Educators can turn any text into an engaging lesson, delivered directly to students. It enables two lesson designs: Consistent lesson design allows for easy interdisciplinary planning with colleagues. Flexible lesson design means students can debate on any type of text or multimedia.

Use Lesson Resources:

ThinkCERCA provides educators with a wide range of lesson resources for grades 4-12 with 9 different levels of instruction.

Track Progress:

With ThinkCERCA’s data dashboard, educators can access student data in real-time, assign growth focus for student learning and continued monitoring and also track data from year-to-year with student’s college and career ready portfolios.

Encourage Group Activities:

Using ThinkCERCA, educators can assign leveled texts to groups or individuals based on readiness level. It has nine different leveled texts to meet individual student needs. You can also use data dashboard to strategize student learning groups.

Increase student engagement:

To meet the learning standards of 21st century, educators should make students ready to apply argumentation skills to analyze, evaluate and create solutions to complex problems. ThinkCERCA with its simple framework walks students through the process of reading critically, collaborating with peers, and responding in a way that increases engagement and deepens learning.


ThinkCERCA’s collaborative platform enables teacher teams to connect with big ideas across disciplines because it has recognized the power of communication and exchange of information among educators.

In addition, there are numerous Common Core State Standard tools and resources to help students, educators, principals and administrators in enhancing learning. We hope this information is useful for you to know about a great platform ThinkCERCA, an online, CCSS-aligned literacy program with tools and content that allows teachers to help students learn to read closely, think critically, and ultimately develop powerful arguments across disciplines. We’d like to know about a few more platforms like this. If you know a few, please feel free to share with us in the comment box.

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