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Importance of Education

Education is a very important part of growing up, so important that to a large extent it determines the type of future people will have when they grow up. What makes the education system quite challenging is that the most important basic education that forms the foundation of professional educational fields happens when we are young.

At young ages most teenagers and kids don’t quite appreciate the importance of education; they may just be going to school because their parents want them to, or it’s the social norm. Not because it’s the foundation of their future.

Synchronizing Education with Modern Technologies

With modern trend, however it is quite rare to find any teenager or kids who don’t appreciate technological gadgets like cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers, videogames and the likes. This is where education can receive rejuvenated dedication from the kids and high school goers: it is rare to find teenagers/kids who like doing maths, but it is also rare to find teenager/kids who don’t like technological gadgets. Thus by incorporating educational materials into the modern gadgets, education will naturally get a rejuvenated boost. Thus many software developers are working day and night to come up with educational apps that makes learning for students across the ages easier, fun and convenient.

Education Apps for your Android:

Cell phones, PDAs and tablets operating on Android operating system are becoming the most common gadgets used by many people in different spheres of life. Students as well use these gadgets for various purposes in their lives. Software developers have developed various android based apps which could help the students in their learning process. The following is a list of several of these apps:

    YouTube: There are apps that accesses YouTube and downloads tutorial videos to your phone. There are numerous teaching tutorials on various topics available on the internet which students, having the YouTube app on their phones/tablets can download such educational materials for their learning. There are various YouTube platforms such as Crash Course which has professional tutors recording video on various academic and research materials.

     Cash Register: This app best suited for younger kids just starting to learn mathematics, is a money counting app. As the kids play the videogame based app, they learn how to subtract and add dollars, nickels and quarters as they ring up imaginary goods. It also enables them print out virtual receipts as it also produces sound similar to that of cash register. Basically it puts into task the mathematical skills of the kids and frequent use of these apps will definitely improve their math skills.

    Numbler: This app is a videogame app which is played more or less like the regular scrabble only difference is; it uses numbers. The players build mathematical equations in a crossword-like board having the usual triple and double score points. This app is applicable to people of all ages and the users can challenge themselves versus the computer or another online player.

    HMH Fuse Algebra 1: This app gives the users a customized learning experience using video and animated tutorials. It facilitates students to do their homework easily by providing them with quizzes, hints, tips and other helpful assistance in their learning.

    PBS Parents Play and Lean HD: This app allows parents to play with their kids and enables the parents to take control of what type of game is being played. This will offer the parent the choice of choosing games that will sharpen their kids’ brains in mathematics and intellectual thinking.

     School Fuel: Is another interactive app which allows teachers and students to interact in class as well as on the go. It provides personalized app libraries in line with the common core standards of education curriculum, thus helping teachers delivering the right apps content relevant to the right student at the time most suited to them.

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