5 Amazing Plagiarism Checking Tools

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Everyday lot of article and blogs are written on different topics and lot of research reports are submitted for reviews in universities all over the world. In schools teachers are assigning students with research based assignments.

Some students prevail and learn quickly, they do their  work with honestly and write their unique content in reports and assignments. Same applies to blogs and articles, we normally find copied articles on different blogs all around the globe. If you are editor and you have lot of articles /blogs for submission, you should check whether the content you have received is unique or not. If you are professor of university and you have been assigned some research reports or thesis writing to students, you should check whether the thesis you have received is unique or not.  World top universities all around the world have adopted lot of plagiarism checking tools for stopping students from copying stuff from others. Universities are spending millions of dollars for buying subscriptions of these tools. 

In general plagiarism is defined as a practice of taking some body work and showing it as if it is own work to others. In this article we have revealed 5 most amazing plagiarism analyzing tools.


Palaguim is recognized as one the most trusted and trusted plagiarism checker tool recognized by most of the researchers all around the world. It has quite user friendly interface, user can easily move around different tabs. Its results are quite clear and precise.  It shows precise results which helps users to check the duplicate content. It has quite useful services, its results defines the exact results with characters


TurnitOn is also recognized as one the best tool to rely on terms of plagiarism identification. Many of recognized university teachers and users around the world are using this tool to identify plagiarism in reports or in the content. It possess quite use-interactive interface, user can easily move around the interface. It has large database of content and servers to check plagiarism of content. Its results are quite clear and up to the task. User can easily identify the plagiaristic content an act accordingly.

Dupli Checker

Another one of most reliable plagiarism tool is Dupli Checker. This tool is also used by many of recognized universities in the world. It generates most comprehensive report with full details of the plagiarized content. Its user interface in user friendly, functionalities are quite familiar to users around the world..

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker great toll to be used as investing about plagiarism .This tool is recognized one most reliable and most interactive around the world. Its reports are quite precise and helpful for identifying plagiarized content. Many of university teachers use it regularly for different matters. Most of its results are from searched from Google and Yahoo search engines.


iThenticate is great tool for users who love precise up to date results. Its generated reports are quite userinteractive, which helps users for identifying the plagiarized content and its sources. Its user interface is designed for simplest of usability. It has quite large database in its server which posses around 31 millions articles for identifying plagiarized content.

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Author: Misha Anderson
This article is contribution of Prof. Misha Anderson. She has contributed lot of blog and articles on educative materials and their usage for research purposes for leading iphone app development California.

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