Actively Learn: Transform Your Students into Critical Thinkers

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With digitization at such a peak, education tops the list to be taken into consideration. A need for online e-readers has emerged with students and teachers using digital media with such ease and at such a high rate.  Actively Learn is one such platform that would fulfill the needs of this generation.

For teachers Actively Learn can act as a helping assistant that reduces the workload as well as improves the techniques of imparting knowledge to the students. Teachers can use public domain books, articles on the internet, or upload their own documents to make them available to their students in a jiffy. Questions enhance the thought process of the students to help them remember as well as understand things they study in a better manner. Actively learn provides questions that are tied to Common Core standards, so that one can focus on a single skill or multiple areas as per requirement. Over 5,000 CC questions are available to start with. Texts can be twisted in their reception therefore questions and resources in a text are made available for students to grasp the meanings and proceedings in the text, Actively Learn terms these embedded questions and resources in the texts as ‘layers’. Over 150 layers are produced for the betterment of understanding. Teachers can modify them according to the level of performance and need of their students. Teachers can embed questions, notes (videos and images as well), and links directly in the text for students to see.

With everything available online it makes it easier for students to answer n discuss and inquire within minutes. This allows them to focus, rather than just decoding without pausing to think. Discussions with peers are made easy and possible outside the classes by answering and replying online regarding the texts. If students have trouble, they can simply flag the passage as difficult. By having the knowledge about the difficulties the teachers can better focus their instruction time.


While reading some points hold more gravity than others. Students can take long notes, categorizing them with colour to highlight some points and draw attention to them. In doing this, students will need to ponder and critically analyze the texts so that they can make out what is relevant and what is not. While dealing with texts which are tougher than the usual ones hyperlinks, thesaurus, images and videos will do them a world of good.


Apart from the hardwork that students can involve themselves with the help of Actively Learn there is a need for analysis it as well. Teachers can easily look into their textbooks to go through their annotations and notes that they might be using for reference. In case of any discrepancy, the teachers can instantly correct them and the students will be further benefited from it. Teachers can also participate in the discussions among the students themselves to give them an extra angle to think over. By speeding up the process of feedback and corrections the interest of the students in the topics can be maintained and increased. By providing students everything they might need while reading they aim to create intellectual active minds. Students can compare and contrast texts for deeper understandings. New ideas and parallels can be drawn even discoveries can be made through the process of leaning. Critical thinking is born out of such methods being available to students. Numerous texts, comparisons questions all at one place! It’s a treat to students as well as teachers.


Actively Learn aims at creating minds that can be beneficial to the society and contribute something for its betterment. It has incorporated every possible method to improve and enhance the ways of reading. With such a platform available education becomes fun and interesting for everyone and with education comes a quality life and great mentality. Actively Learn therefore focuses on a larger picture of a better life through better education. Enjoy learning!

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