VlinksMedia: Using User Data to Personalize Online Courses

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With the evolution of technologies there is a revolution in the methodologies as well. Learning and education is being dramatically changed in its way of propagation. So here we have VLinks , a platform that has taken the initiative to use data and technology to make the world a smarter place.

Their motive is to provide online courses personalized according to the need of the user. To do this they have devised some simple yet smart way. By partnering with excellent quality content creators and course administrators they offer courses to people on the internet and mobile devices. In addition to the front end user experience, this platform captures thousands of data points for each user. This data is used to personalize each user’s experience and in addition, giving them never before insight into how one’s content is performing.

While defining VLinks we may call it as a part product and part agency which gives one the ability to configure solutions completely focused around their goals. They make sure the user wins in this space by guiding them before, during and after the launch of their course. Interactive lessons are focused upon, and a long-term partnership is aimed at. The complete design is to make sure how the individual or a particular group can be benefited to the hilt while pursuing their course.

How does it manage all this? Well, VLinks Media takes the static content from publishers and puts it into their platform to create an engaging, interactive, and competitive social environment around the learning experience. This allows students to study using smart phones and the internet as opposed to text books. This saves a lot of their time and reduces the pain of going through numerous pages to find what you need or what is relevant.

VLinks Media believes adding social features to learning makes it critical. They focus on what works with the students today and make sure that their products deliver the most engaging experiences. By adding interesting features VLinks intends to make their courses popular as well as appropriate for students in the recent times. Not only do their social initiatives make it more exciting for students, but they are directly correlated with improving an individual's study performance.

There is a large mass who are concerned with the education and its betterment therefore VLinks successfully attracted a team of passionate educational technologists whose life mission is to improve learning. Having launched world class e-learning and m-learning courses for several companies across the education space they serve over 50,000+ students across 90+ countries. VLM interactive learning intelligence is incomparable.

Working closely with content creators, instructional designers, and marketing departments at educational publishers, VLinks Media has built the leading platform to convert their static content and turn it into an interactive course. The various facilities that are provided are self-study courses, test prep solutions, and flash card applications designed to engage the learner and increase success rates. Building off the methodologies and expertise that has made this platform popular with educational publishers, VLinks Media is enhancing the experience for adult learners in a corporate setting. The main point that they focus on is working with corporations to create a personalized training experience for their employees while providing a rich set of data and analytics to track progress, accountability, and improvement. The result of using the VLM platform to deliver training is increased user engagement and knowledge retention which in turn improves performance and decreases training costs.

Personalized courses are very much in need with various age groups seeking different kinds of knowledge and experiences. A straight jacket formula will fail if we try to apply it everywhere therefore there needs to be a variation in approach and reception when learning is concerned. VLinks is that formula which solves each type of question of learning experience in the way it is required to.

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