Best Math Apps Aligned to Common Core Standards

As we’re aware, that the Common Core Standards is a U.S education initiative that lays down clear educational standards for Kindergarten to Grade 12 in various subjects of study, which are to be followed by students and teachers so that students have

 the skills and knowledge needed to be successful at school level and make them career ready.

Today, owing to educational technology there are a rising number of resources apart from the prescribed and limited textbooks for children to refer to and think beyond just the theoretical aspects of a subject. This also allows them to proceed with their learning out of the schools and without the full-time assistance of a teacher. There are a lot of apps and tools available online, for a variety of subjects that students take at school level and beyond. To ensure that the learning through these tools is proper and in compliance with what is taught at schools, these learning resources online need to be aligned with the Common Core Standards. In this article, we’ll focus on a few of the best apps for Math available online, which are aligned to the Common Core Standards.

Here’s a list of some Math apps aligned to Common Core Standards that according to me are among the best available out there:

Buzz Math : It is a website and mobile application for learning and practising middle-level Math skills. It is based on NCTM curriculum and Common Core Standards. It provides users with an immediate feedback and also contains tools that help teachers extract progress reports to monitor student progress regularly. Also, students can be given assignments to work on after class and to keep them motivated, they’re presented with onsite badges and prizes for their work on the app. Students who challenge themselves on Buzz Math get used to higher-level thinking problems which enhance their Math scores.

DreamBox Learning : Is and online elementary Math program which combines engaging, adaptive lessons on Math, with individualized instructions. It has Pre K to Grade 5 Math curriculum supported with virtual manipulative and industry-best tools to focus on conceptual understanding and a highly engaging, student directed, game-like learning environment motivates kids to keep going and excel. It also provides educators with current academic progress reports that give them insights into how students are progressing.

Sushi Monster by Scholastic : Is an amazing app for the building of reasoning strategies for whole number addition and multiplication. By using the concept of sushi train which is popular at restaurants in Japan, students have to form number sentences. It especially helps younger students to develop a firm foundation in addition and multiplication skills, in a fun game environment. For kids, with an already sound knowledge of the basics of these Math operations, Sushi Math helps them get their combinations memorized, and makes them feel that they’re playing a game.

Mathalicious : It provides teachers with lessons that help them engage students in a way, such that they understand the application of a Math concept in situations of real-life. Lessons are aligned to Common Core Standards and explore questions on Equations and Expressions, Unit Rates, Ratios and Proportions and many more. Every lesson of Mathalicious provides you with information on the Common Core Standards that are covered in that lesson. Lessons address a lot of standards so that you’re able to practice more Math in lesser time and with better results.

Desmos : Is the next generation graphing calculator. It works on a quick and powerful Math engine, which instantly performs activities such as, plotting an equation, forming lines and parabolas through derivatives and Fourier series. It consists of data tables which elaborate on the concepts of curve-fitting and modeling. Its Slider feature makes it easy to demonstrate concepts like function transformations. This graphing calculator works on any computer or tablet without requiring any downloads. It helps learn Math intuitively, is free for use and is used by students, teachers, researchers or just general Math enthusiasts. It helps students become adept with a variety of Math skills. Children can practice a variety of skills like numbers, time, count money and understand fractions all in one place. It provides games on concepts ranging from basic counting to early fractions. The fun and attractive part about this app is that, it is designed with a theme of a bug city, with each game made for particular Math skills. To keep children motivated, it also offers onsite rewards and achievements and also allows users to have multi-user profiles.

Math Champ Challenge : Is the latest educational game, designed to help strengthen the understanding of Common Core mathematical standards for middle-school students. It contains 2500+ questions aligned to Common Core State Standards and functions with an Adaptive Engine to build a Personal Learning Environment. It is a fast paced game play with engaging graphics and audio. It also provides feedback and suggestions to users at the end of each level, to help them identify problem areas.

Geometry Pad : It is a Geometry app for iPad and Android devices. It teaches and helps you learn Geometry with practice. You can use this app to create basic geometric shapes, study their properties and calculate their measurements. The shapes are displayed on a scrollable and zoomable workbook with a rectangular coordinate system. It has many tools built on it, like Move and Scale, Point, Line, Triangle, Circle, Measurements tool and more.

Apart from the aforementioned, there are various other credible Math apps aligned to Common Core Standards, which are available online for free. But, with this list, I hope to have provided you with the ones which are currently trending and are among the best. If you know about any other such apps, which you think deserve a place in this list, then please share with us. The Comment Box is waiting.

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