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There are several different educational blogs out there, from those that provide regular EdTech updates to personal blogs of teachers, to blogs that teach about pedagogy, there are a lot of sources to get information on educational technology from.

As we know, there are an increasing number of EdTech startups which are coming up, leading to the emergence of so many EdTech entrepreneurs who need guidance in their work. They can progress in their work only if they’re aware of the experiences of other entrepreneurs of their like. People must share the knowledge they possess online, and blogs are the best way to do so, you never know how much you can benefit such startups and other entrepreneurs by doing so.

This article will provide you with a list of 8 EdTech blogs that education startups and entrepreneurs must know about. Here’s the list:

  • EDUKWEST : It is an educational website, founded by an education blogger, Kirsten Winkler, to share the discussions she has with startup founders, leaders and influential people in education, with a larger audience. Its mission is to bring to light the most promising and interesting startups and trends in education. Kirsten has interviewed more than 80 startups and established brands in education. Her personal blog is another aspect of the EDUKWEST network. Each week Kirsten invites a guest to talk about the news in education 2.0 and tech. KICKSTART:ED is the latest addition to the regular shows, which covers interesting projects in education or science.
  • EdSurge : It brings together the people who use EdTech and the people who build it with the goal of creating great tools for learning. It does this through; News and Analysis to cover the latest innovations in education technology, smart ways to support students with technology and also the downfalls and missteps; Reports about products, curating and analyzing them and information about the organizations that build EdTech; and Community in which it brings together educators, entrepreneurs and others who are dedicated to support learning.
  • EduStars : It is a platform for the early stage startups and entrepreneurs in the education sector, across India. It uncovers new emerging startups of education and is host to meaningful engagements & discussions, support and mentoring for startups working in and for the education sector of India. It serves as a unique platform for information sharing & knowledge dissemination for education entrepreneurs. Selected startups every week get recognition and visibility as an EduStar of India and also get access to the best mentors across the world who have domain expertise.
  • Edutopia : It is dedicated to improving the learning process by documenting and disseminating innovative strategies that prepare students to be successful in their education, careers and lives. With its website and related social media, it inspires, informs and accelerates positive change in schools and districts by focusing on evidence-based strategies and best practices that improve learning and engagement for students. It also collaborates with researchers, teacher leaders and curriculum experts to advance the field and increase understanding of how new strategies can improve student learning.
  • Mindshift: MindShift explores the future of learning in all its dimensions, covering cultural and technology trends, innovations in education, groundbreaking research, education policy, and more. It covers information to empower educators and make
  • Pearson Blog: Blog run by the world’s leading learning company. They believe in helping people make measurable progress in their lives through learning. They have passionate people in over 70 countries helping people learn and teach more effectively. They combine their experience in education and creating engaging content with innovative technologies and new digital ways to learn. Through this blog they tell these stories, share interesting news, research and ideas from all around the Pearson world.
  • Getting Smart: The blog covers formal and informal topics in K-12, higher ed and lifelong learning. The authors cover developments in research, technology, entrepreneurs, methods and more to bring its readers some of the most fascinating and innovative strategies around education today.
  • EdTech Times: This site features daily updates, features, and information about the ever-changing field of education technology.  They provide stories on new companies, new products and new initiatives as well as highlight policy changes in education that will shape entrepreneurs’, investors’, and educators’ use of technology. They feature K-12 and higher education news, product information and reviews, interviews with industry personnel, and spotlight features on innovative startup companies.

This is the list of the most substantial blogs for EdTech that I’ve come across, which can be of great assistance to educational startups and entrepreneurs. If you wish to add up to this list, then please make your comments. The Comment Box is waiting.

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