How to Use Instagram in the Classroom

How to Use Instagram in the Classroom
Instagram, a popular photo sharing app, serves as a great platform to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. As our 21stcentury education system is smart enough to utilize any technology tool in a useful manner, it finds Instagram
 also for numerous educational benefits.

Librarians on the Fly created an infographic on how we can use Instagram in education. A few interesting tips from it are as follows.

Instagram Ideas for Classroom:

Math ideas:

Ask students to take pictures showing symmetry, parallel lines, convex, concave, axis, adjacent, vertices, equal, even, odd, perpendicular lines, etc.

Science ideas:

Educators can utilize Instagram to engage students with science lessons by asking them to post pictures related to different science objects, processes, ecosystems, etc.

ELA ideas:

Ask students to post the images of their favorite books, authors, inspirational pictures, story based cartoons, etc.


Post a picture that relates to different cultures, landforms, population graphs, etc.

In addition to the above mentioned tips, this infographic also illustrated some tips about the use of Instagram in the class or school’s library. Here is the infographic.

How to Use Instagram in the Classroom Infographic ETR

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