The Student Cyborg  How Technology is Facilitating EducationTechnology helps students learn effectively and efficiently. It’s a universal truth. published an infographic that provides information about how different types of technologies help students to learn more and more efficiently.

It shows the ways social media, educational apps, and online learning are facilitating students. This infographic also provides a timeline briefly showing the history of technology and education. The following are a few interesting things that I’d like to share with you from the infographic.

Educational Tools:

Students use technology for the following tasks:

Solve problems, Analyze Data, Calculate

Practice Basic Skills



Multimedia Presentations

iPod/MP3 Player

Correspond with others


Create Art, Music, etc.

Develop Models or Simulations

Contribute to a Blog or Wiki

Use Social Networking sites

There are 20,000+ educational apps for iPhone and 3000+ accredited online colleges.

17% of the faculty use social media daily in their profession.

Here is the infographic:

The Student Cyborg  How Technology is Facilitating Education ETR Infographic

This infographic originally appeared here.

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