[Infographic] Is Online Learning Right for Me?

Is Online Learning Right for Me?

Online education is a boon to lifelong learners who wish to acquire knowledge even after their schooling or graduation. It’s a fastest growing form of the education today. The flexibility, lower cost, a variety of choices, etc., are the key features of online education.

But there are still arguments going on, whether or not online education is advantageous over traditional face-to-face institutions. There is no unique answer for this argument and it varies depending on the perspective of a student’ situation.  There is an interesting infographic, published by Visual.ly, that clearly explains the pros and cons of online learning. The following are a few things that I’d like to share with you from the infographic.

Online Learning:


Minimal Life Interruptions

No Travel Time/Cost



Overall Cost



No Instructor Face-Time

Negative Reputation or Perception

Technology Requirements

Limited Support

No Campus Atmosphere

Lack of Personal Satisfaction

The advantages of being enrolled in online schools:

Variety of courses available

Online College Degrees can be completed at an accelerated pace.

Managing your online education will sharpen your organizational skills and make you technologically savvy, both of which are great resume offerings.

Having classmates from different walks of life as well as from various geographic locations allows for an exciting exchange of social and cultural information.

Saves Time and Cost.

Growing online enrollments:

2004: 13.5%

2005: 18.2%

2006: 19.6%

2007: 21.9%

2008: 25.3%

In addition to the above, the infographic displays very useful info regarding online education. Here is the infographic.

is-online-learning-right-for-me infographic


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