Digital Classroom Infographic ETRTextbooks are heavy, expensive and quickly out-of-date. It’s hard to set learning intentions in all the students with traditional teaching methods. Technology is a great tool to engage students in learning as it makes learning simple, effective and efficient.

Today’s classrooms are entirely different from the classrooms we studied in. Online Universities has published an infographic which explains the way the digital classroom tools are replacing traditional ones. A few interesting facts from that infographic are as follows:

Textbooks v/s eBooks:


Markup on physical textbooks ranges from 33% to 35%.

They’re heavy, plus new editions make it difficult to sell old versions.

They’re costly to the environment in terms of printed material.


Textbooks fromiBooks currently cost $ 14.99 or less.

eBook files can be stored on one portable lightweight device.

Only a limited number of eBook titles are available at present, but this increases each day

A Look at Rentals:

Students can usually rent a textbook for 33-55% off the cost of the new textbook.

Sites like Chegg allow students to buy or rent textbooks, as well as rent eTextbooks.

The Kindle Store's eTextbook prices vary, but Amazon claims users save up to 80% when renting.


Apple is the top tablet vendor, currently shipping 61.5% of the market.

1,000 universities are using iTunesU to distribute content.

There are over 20,000 education specific apps now available.

90,000 copies of iBooks Author were downloaded in the first 3 days of launching.

350,000 textbooks were downloaded from iBooks in the first 3 days of launching.

1.5 Million iPads are currently in use in education.

iTunes U has had more than 700 million downloads since its launch.

In addition, this infographic has also included how classrooms are changing. Here is the infographic:

Digital Classroom Infographic

This infographic originally appeared here.

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