EdTech – An Opportunity for Working Professionals to Ascend

EdTech – An Opportunity for Working Professionals to Ascend

Education has turned out to be better enjoyed as experiential learning. Technology has made it possible to take learning process a somewhat greater leap where students and working professionals equally explore the finer possibilities of learning 


If focus solely thrown on working professionals and their learning expectations what education technology can make is just miracle.

If you yourself are a working professional, what type of learning process would you like to follow between the one that engages you directly into the activity, and the one that involves you in just one-way conversation?  In traditional classroom setting you more or less get the teacher-to-student delivering of knowledge, rather than both parties participating in mutual discussion. Bizarre, though it sounds, the reality is just crude like this.

Reasons behind Fast Changing Classroom Setting

Traditional classrooms have always retained some shortcomings which is why it is rapidly supplanted by a more effective mode of learning – online learning. Education as a matter of physical, emotional and intellectual nourishment has been felt truly in this new mode, and so is fast becoming popular among learners of every age, qualification and situation. The success of technology-based learning lies in the collaborative participation between students and teachers without facing any bar of time and distance.

Appropriate for Working Professionals

Being a professional the greatest challenge you face in learning is to cope with your work schedule to the classroom routine. In-person learning cannot ever give the opportunity of learning that suits your life. Either you have to sacrifice your work, or your learning. But, with online technology flourished into the point of exuberance you can enjoy your full-fledged classroom learning right from your home, or your workplace, or anywhere you prefer. The level of participation process with this learning is next to nothing.

Now, you might grow curious that how all these things are happening so efficiently! To explain I will now describe some of the online tools that makes learning for all :

Online Video conferencing

You and your fellow students remain connected live through online video conferencing process and go on discussing and listening to the course content. The complex feeling of shyness that acts prominently at in-person classroom on many learners is noticeably absent here in this sort of sessions. As well, you have at your disposal the scope of discussing with your online classmates too on the subject being taught. And, the most remarkable thing is that you can access this classroom from anywhere in the world, whenever you like.

Virtual classrooms

The latest and most effective online education tool is perhaps the use of virtual classrooms. Here, almost similarly as video conferencing method, the teacher delivers the course content live online to the numerous students following him or her, with direct interaction opportunity at any point of time, between teacher and the students.

LMS (Learning Management System & Library Management System)

With both types of LMS you can manage your study materials and referential work easily through these devices. You do not need to go and stand on a library-queue for a book. LMS enables you to manage your book online, study online, and submit your assignments online.

Online test and assessment

Online learning lets you give your tests online and have your assessment report online. As a working professional your scarcity of time matches best with this sort of effective and flexible learning.

Mobile Learning

In this age of mobile activities, learning ought to be mobile to meet every other requirements of life. Online technology provides you uninterrupted process of learning even on your go. You have every notice and development regarding your course on your mobile phone. You can even continue your full-fledged classroom learning with your tablet or laptop wherever you go.

In many nations where economic strength of people stands as a constraint between their wish and will to acquire higher education, online distance education has shown substantial solutions to numerous people who needs learning conducive to their situations. In many developing countries of Asia and Africa distance learning is therefore developing with unimaginable pace. Among economically weak African countries distance learning in Nigeria has adopted this flexible learning strategy with complete readiness. People there have understood the all-round advantages of tech-based learning that allows working professionals as well students an easy and fantastic method of impressive education that prepares them for future prospects on attractive careers.

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