12 Amazing Online Tools for Students

12 Amazing Online Tools for Students

Online tools continue to grow rapidly in number, providing teachers and students with a variety of options to select from, but at the same time making it difficult and laborious for them to search for the ones that are worth it.

Online tools assist

 students throughout their school year and help them stay organized and improve their academic performance. Students need to be guided to select such tools wisely as they have a direct effect on their academics.

I have assembled a list of 12 amazing online tools for students. Here’s the list:

GradeMate : Is a powerful online organizer which helps students keep track of their courses. It helps students manage grades, assignments and events, share files, course notes and class discussions. They can also create to-do lists, manage due dates and collaborate with fellow students.

StudyRails : Helps students block distractions like unwanted websites or applications at the time of study. Students can schedule study time for which they can be alerted through SMS or Email. It can also be used to notify about upcoming assignments. Upon receiving new class assignments students can enter them into StudyRails and designate them slots of time to study.

Diigo : Is an easy, intuitive yet powerful tool for personal knowledge management. Students can use Diigo to read more effectively with annotation tools like digital highlighters and sticky notes as they browse the Web, build their personal library in cloud, organize information, share and collaborate on information.

Evernote : Is one of the best note-making apps. Students can make daily subject-wise notes and can save text, audio and images and never lose track of their notes. You can add notes in a number of different ways which can be via the Web, mobile apps, Email or Twitter.

MindMeister : Is an easy and effective mind-mapping tool. It can be used to brainstorm with people in real-time and take notes in a non-linear fashion. Students can use it to memorize all kinds of information and data and to revise the material covered in class. Mind maps can be used for breaking information to highlight key concepts, for working in group projects, creating presentations, reports and to-do lists.

Google Docs : Is an online word processing and spreadsheets application, with collaboration features that allow students to work together on group assignments. It can be used to keep track of who’s working on what and collaborate on projects. It is available for free and can be used to access files from anywhere.

Sliderocket : It is an online presentation creation tools that allows students to create fascinating presentations with the use of a great slide set. Students can use it to create beautiful, multi- media rich presentations which are accessible from anywhere. It allows students to import presentations, collaborate on them, share them, secure them, measure their effectiveness and even create them on mobile.

EtherPad : Is an open-source online editor for editing documents in real-time. Students can write articles, to-do lists, etc., together with other students, all working on the same document at the same time. Access to all data is provided with a well-documented API also supporting import/export to major data exchange formats.

Padlet : Is a virtual board with sticky notes that can be easily moved, shared and embedded. Notes can be arranged in different views, even in the form of a scrollable blog, it’s easy to personalize the experience and organize notes as well. It has privacy and moderation settings that make it easy for students to become members of a board which contains resources posted by a teacher. They can also use it to quickly share notes and moderate their posts.

Thinglink : Helps create and discover rich images. It allows students to be creative, as they can make their images alive with music, video, text, images and more. Students can use this tool to tell stories and help them form a channel which can be followed by other users. They can share their channel with their friends on Facebook and Twitter and also follow other channels.

Easel.ly : It allows students to create and share visual ideas online through attractive visual themes. It is simple to use and just requires a drag and drop of the theme on the canvas for simple creation of visual ideas. It makes it easy for students to create infographics and does not require any technical skills. It helps students represent what they know at the end of a research project, with creativity.

WeVideo : Is an online video-creation tool, which makes video-creation accessible to everyone, using cloud-based technologies which make it easier, faster and more convenient. It also makes social video-editing possible and students can collaborate online on video projects. It has adaptable editor modes so students can choose from three levels of interface that suit them best.

I hope these online tools can make a difference in the learning of students by aiding them in their studies to help them achieve more success at school or college. You’re invited to share more such tools and also share your experience with the above mentioned tools. The Comment Box awaits you.

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