New Presentation Tools Which Teachers Would Love to Use

New Presentation Tools Which Teachers Would Love to Use

Using multimedia in education is addressed as a great way to enhance student learning. Educators are no longer using chalkboards to deliver their lessons.

Technology upgrades the classroom teaching with numerous presentation techniques in order to make

teaching efficient and effective and also to provide students with a great learning experience. Creating presentations and slideshows is one of the necessary skills for both educators as well as students of the Gen Y. Especially educators must know the importance of presentation tools. Let’s learn about a few benefits of them.

Motivation: Presentation tools engage students and make them ready to learn.

Different learning styles: Students can see, hear, and imagine what things feel like as multimedia is used to bring a subject to life.

Presentations encourage deep reflective thinking and creativity.

Improve students’ tech skills.

I hope you get aware of why using presentations in lessons benefits both students and educators. But unfortunately, many educators still find it difficult to arrange data into an effective slide show. To help those educators, I’ve listed out a few presentation tools to create awesome presentations. Scroll down to know about them.

Haiku Deck - Presentation and Slideshow Maker with Beautiful Charts and Graphs:

Haiku Deck , an iPad app (available as a Web app too) is a simple new way to create inspired presentations – whether you’re pitching an idea, teaching a lesson, telling a story, or igniting a movement. Haiku Deck app allows you to create, edit, and share beautiful presentations right on your iPad using intuitive touch controls.


Haiku Deck enables users to choose from a range of stylish, professionally designed themes for a cohesive, polished look.

Users can import, crop, and reposition images from your iPad, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, or Picasa for a personalized touch.

Integrated image search includes numerous Creative Commons licensed images to help students and educators find images relevant to lesson.

This app is designed to encourage best practices recommended by presentation experts.

Haiku Deck Gallery showcases each week’s most inspiring and popular decks. 

View or present decks with an iPad, a projector, a smartphone, or any web browser.
Easily export to PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF and share your decks via email, Twitter, Facebook or embed in your blog or website. 

In addition to the above mentioned features, there are many more things to know about Haiku Deck. Go through the following links to know more.

Twitter Handle: @HaikuDeck

76 Examples of Using Haiku Deck in School

iPad app: Haiku Deck iPad app is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Web version:

Projeqt- Dynamic presentations for a real time world:

Projeqt is a creative storytelling platform that offers educators a great presentation tool to create an awesome learning experience for their students. Let’s learn about its features.

Pulse lets your presentations be as dynamic as you are:

With Projeqt, your presentations will never remain static. Grab your old dusty presentations, or create one from scratch with its user-friendly dashboard, and let your stories free. Users can make presentations live in real time by embedding live tweets or blog feeds, inserting an interactive map, adding audio notes or streaming videos that you've found on the web.

Stacks-Infinite layered presentations:

Stacks feature allows users to create a rich story using different layers. Users can link together and connect as many presentations as they like.

Optimizes your presentations:

Projeqt is device-agnostic and works on any modern-day browser. Projeqt instinctively optimizes your presentation to view, edit or modify on any technological device such as desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet. Personalized online lessons for your class: is a great presentation tool which offers following functionalities in the field of education:

Flipping a classroom: offers educators a platform to record their lessons. Students watch these lessons at home and this saves their time to do more interactive work with educators in the classroom. 

Projects: enables educators to assign projects to students. Students can also submit their projects back using the same platform.

Effective Speaking Practice:

Students can test themselves by viewing their own presentations, improve themselves and evolve as good public speakers.

In addition, there are many more benefits of using in education. I hope this information helps you know about a few great presentation tools. I welcome you to add about a few more presentation tools in the comment box. Please feel free to share your practices of using those presentation tools.  

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