Movenote: A Great Tool to Present with Emotions

Movenote: A Great Tool to Present with Emotions

Means of formal communication today, have hugely shifted to Email. Everyone likes to sit behind their desks and communicate with their community using Email.

The written word has taken the place of verbal communication in many ways, though emailing is

convenient, yet it hinders any forms of expressions which are an attribute of verbal communication. Verbal communication allows us to express ourselves more clearly and is regarded as a better way to communicate. At the same time, in our present day busy world, it becomes very difficult to meet in person to convey something or express views, hence people have naturally resorted to communicating with text messages. Technology helps us find a solution to the ways of communication. With technology there come better ways than email for communication. To present with emotions should be the benchmark that technology should achieve. Now, people are much adept with sending audio and video messages to communicate and there are several tools for such ways of communication which are already available in the market. These tools are revolutionizing the way we communicate making it more effective and meaningful.

Movenote is one such tool, which is used for creating video presentations. It allows you to create screencast type short videos which you can share with the people you want. It is a way of communicating by combining any document or attachment, with video and audio. The result is the creation of a powerful, distinctive and humane message to the user. It is available on the web,, for which you need to create an account and sign in to use its services. It is integrated to Google so you are able to use our service directly on Gmail and Google Drive. It is also available on Android as a Movenote android app with which you can open your Drive files on your mobile or tablet devices and create a presentation. Its app is available on iOS, using which you do same things as with Android app; record and share the presentation with or without supporting documents, present the pictures on your device and taking pictures while recording, and share presentations via SMS, email, Google+, Facebook or Twitter. Movenote is also integrated with Microsoft Outlook, as it is integrated with all the common mail systems, users need to download the plugin to use it on their Outlook.

Movenote has a simple user interface and can be easily used by users to create and share short effective videos with a number of other add-ons and features. Hence, recording a Movenote is fast, fun and easy. Here’s how you can create a Movenote:

First, add content either from your computer or Google Drive. It could be documents, pictures, worksheets or anything that you’ll like to present.

Now, when your files are converted to slides, start recording your message.

While recording change slides and highlight the main points.

Save the presentation and view the Movenote you just created.

Complete the Movenote by giving a name to it and you can also add a link button to it.

If everything looks ok, share the Movenote via whatever you like, such as Gmail, Google+, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, etc.

Movenote can be used for a number of different types of situations, such as teaching, recruitment, booking and appointments. Also, selling a product is a hard task to do just with words, Movenote here proves to be an essential tool, even when sending company greetings and invitations through Movenote, companies have significantly better results in the form of happier clients. Using Movenote creates a more easy-going and advanced image of the company. In addition, Movenote mobile app for Apple and Android users has helped car dealers, real-estate agents and numerous other professionals to do their job more successfully. Movenote is integrated with all the common mail systems like Google and Microsoft and with file shares such as Google Drive. It can be used from any device using any platform anywhere.

Teachers should use Movenote, especially for student projects and encourage students to work in groups to create videos together, which is so much easier that having to write essays or reports and once they’ve recorded them, they can present them to the rest of their class and demonstrate their work. On field trips they can take pictures of whatever interests them and share them with their class. Teachers now don’t need to carry fancy devices such as laptops, since Movenote is available on Android and iOS.

When writing no longer server the purpose, Movenote offers us the best way to speak out. Some features of Movenote are:

Upload documents such as Google Docs, MS Office, Pdf or pictures directly from your device or from a cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

You can also take pictures directly to the app with one of the cameras, even in the midst of recording your presentation video.

Record video with your device and sync the attachments to the video.

Support your presentations by adding links in the end for supplementary information.

Share the link to your presentation by Email, SMS or with social applications like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+.

Keep track of the viewers of your presentation by following viewer statistics which reflect who watched your presentation.

Recorded presentations are stored for record and ready reference in the presentation library.

Movenote is available for free and the most significant feature of its desktop version presently is its integration to Google. The integration enables users to upload documents directly from Google Drive and share the video presentations from Gmail. Movenote has been mentioned as the fastest growing business app in the past year, with more than a dozen new educational institutions and schools starting to use Movenote, every day. I hope you enjoy Movenote and give it a try soon. Share your knowledge and views with us. The Comment Box is waiting.

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Author: Saomya Saxena
Educational technology blogger, loves to research and write about tools and tips for educators on how to integrate technology into everyday instruction creatively and effectively. Fond of reading and writing.

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