myBskool: India's Largest Online B-School

myBskool: India's Largest Online B-School

Business education is being increasingly imparted and taken up by a large number of people. Doesn’t matter with which degree they graduate,

they always want to supplement it with the knowledge of business, because it is business indeed which is utmost

required for the welfare and proper functioning of the world’s economies. The provision of education today is not only restricted to colleges, universities and other institutions, but it is largely being imparted online offering equal credibility and greater ease of access. A lot of online education ventures have come up and myBskool is one of them. It offers online management courses for working professionals and others who look for valuable short-term introductory management programs. It was formed with the vision to empower and facilitate a global student base to learn from the best of educators and institutions regardless of subject matter, location and time.

myBskool offers a cloud-based social learning platform with mobile access and social interaction features providing a conventional classroom like environment with all the convenience and flexibility of a distance education program. Through this platform and with its partnerships with eminent institutions of higher education, it delivers rigorous academic programs to students globally. It provides management lessons using a 3-screen platform consisting of mobile phones, tablets and PCs, offering a complete portable classroom with advanced technology solution to ensure smooth flow of digital content. features:

More than 5 lakh students.

Approximately 1 million learning hours/month.

4500+ video lectures and weekly live classes.

Top faculty and experts from the industry.

Access from PCs, tablets & smart phones.

Premium partnerships with prestigious organizations.

A digital library containing thousands of PowerPoint audio lessons, video lectures on core management subjects covering a number of chapters and case study discussions in video/podcast.

myBskool works in partnership with MMA (Madras Management Association), IMT-Ghaziabad (Institute of Management Technology-Ghaziabad) and has the content of its courses co-created with IIM-Ranchi (Indian Institute of Management-Ranchi). In partnership with MMA it offers courses namely, 11-month executive PG program in Management, 11-month professional Diploma in Management, 4-month executive Diploma in Business Administration and 1-month courses in Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Production and Operation Management, Managing Finance and Business Strategy. In collaboration with IMT, Ghaziabad it offers 1-year executive PG Diploma in Management. It also offers other courses such as, Pre MBA, Foundations of Entrepreneurship and a special course in partnership with MMA and IIM, Ranchi called, 100-day Online Mini MBA, for free. The courses are offered for free, with a fee charged to students who are interested in a certification by MMA after they undergo an independent assessment.

By offering the Online Mini MBA program, myBskool has stepped into the globally emerging MOOCs segment. It is a 100-day non-credit program, designed to help people learn the practices & techniques to excel in their present organizations. This program develops you into a good manager with the necessary skills required to make informed business decisions which are critical for today’s businesses. It is being offered through fully Interactive & Collaborative online social learning platform, which makes learning enjoyable. Fresh graduates, working or technical professionals can apply for the Mini MBA program by registering through a form available on myBskool’s website. It offers subjects namely, Accounting for Managers, Managing HR in the 21st Century, Principles of Marketing Business Strategy and Business Communication. The benefits of the 100-day Online Mini MBA are:

You can access the course anytime, anywhere through laptop, desktop or tablet PC.

It features pre-recorded video lectures by expert faculties.

It consists of forums and offers chat support for students to clear their doubts.

It provides an option to upgrade to MMA certification from the 70th day of the course.

It offers periodic live virtual classes.

It offers self- assessment to enable student to understand his progress and improve.

myBskool plans to raise around $3 million in the next round of funding, which will be invested to improve the infrastructure, content, partnerships, placements and to offer more domain-specific courses. myBskool’s transformational delivery model of high quality education opens up new avenues of learning and lifelong skill development for the knowledge workforce. It successfully blends the rigors of a premium B-school classroom with the flexibility of distance education.

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