13 Great Products for Preparing Students for Tests

13 Great products for Preparing Students for Tests

Test prep days can be anxious times for students, teachers as well as parents. Students delve into class notes, textbooks and other prep material for long hours to prepare for tests,as a result of which they stress themselves out and are unable to

retain a lot of information and concepts. Students should look for interesting, interactive and engaging ways to prepare for tests, and for that they should definitely look online. The Web has resources for everything, and on it students can find resources which suit their needs, with which they can learn comfortably at their own pace, constantly assess themselves and moreover, make the most of their prep time in an interesting and engaging way.

Here’s the compilation of 13 great products for preparing students for tests, which are readily available online:

LearnNext : Is a computer based interactive, independent and intelligent learning solution for students of grades 6-12. It provides lessons on Math, Science, Social Science and English of CBSE, ICSE and 18 other State Boards of India in an interesting animated format. It has features like Tests, Study Planner, Notes, Calendar and Reports, which if utilized wisely can help you better your grades and strengthen concepts.

Oliveboard : Is an adaptive learning platform that facilitates personalized learning for individuals. It adapts test preparation material to an individual student's needs and creates unique customized learning modules by analyzing student data across numerous data points including subject, concept, difficulty level, preferred learning format, pace of learning, etc. It also provides a social learning environment to make it all the more interesting.

Edoola (formerly TestVita) : Provides you with a platform to deliver powerful online tests, whether you are a teacher, a school, a coaching institute, a publishing house or a corporate. It uses online tests to enable powerful analytics and new methods that can improve your performance qualitatively.

Studycopter : Is an online and mobile-capable adaptive learning platform that enables students to prepare for exams such as the GMAT. Its smart learning engine constantly analyzes your performance, compares it with your peers, and constructs an appropriate learning path for you, so you can maximize your test prep. It provides quality study material from global experts, several practice questions, analytics to keep you on track, mock tests, social learning, and much more.

Mytestbuddy : Is a collaborative web-based learning platform providing study aids and practice tests to help prepare students for standardized tests such as SAT, AIPGME, GMAT, GRE, CAT, AIEEE and more in an engaging and interactive learning environment. It has features such as a discussion board, online MCQs, notes, solo practice, report cards, score cards, articles, online coaching class, mock tests, thousands of practice questions and the ability to earn points and badges.

PrepGenie : Is a test prep site offering intensive and comprehensive test prep tools for a variety of exams such as the U.S’s NCLEX, OAT, PCAT, GRE; the U.K’s GAMSAT, UKCAT, LNAT, BMAT; Australia’s GAMSAT, UMAT, ISAT; India’s CAT, GATE, AIEEE; Ireland’s HPSAT, GAMSAT; and New Zealand’s UMAT. The site features quality content with an award-winning learning management system where you can choose a course, take quizzes, access the knowledge base and the site’s blog.

Tutor24x7 :  Is an exclusive content provider for test preparation segment to IL&FS education, a leading education service provider for ICT program of Government of India. It offers one-on-one tutoring programs, which are highly individualized in the comfort of your home, free from distractions. You can also schedule private tutoring sessions at schools, after school facilities, libraries, or community centers.

Mango Learning : Develops immersive, game-based, mobile learning titles. It is setting up a line of unique education products for interactive phones, tablets or similar smart devices. It also partners with US education publishers to jointly re-imagine their print-based or online products for contemporary smart-device learning.

Edvento : Is a socially adaptive gamified test prep platform that provides test takers with a smart online tutor that will help them increase their scores in standardized tests, such as GRE and GMAT. Its intelligent system identifies strengths and weaknesses of test takers and helps them set performance benchmarks against other participants. The concepts have high quality, gradually graded content which students can practice at their own pace so they can learn flexibly with recorded sessions and system guided practice.

E-Edulink : Is an online educational website which helps students with test prep, homework and various assignments. Its team of experts, work on quality, giving you the best results within a short period of time. Its work for assignments and homework is originally produced and is unavailable on any kind of search engine. It also provides guidance for students preparing for tests on various subjects by tutoring them online and making experts available for one-on-one interaction.

Embibe : Makes practicing real exam questions from previous year papers intelligent, by telling students where they actually stand in accuracy, attempt and coverage which are critical points to crack exams. It combines best aspects of social web with an algorithm built on adaptive and gamification models to help you prepare better for exams.

Kaplan Test Prep : Is a world-leader in test prep and assists students seeking competitive academic and professional opportunities. Middle schoolers, college-bound teens, graduate school prospects, aspiring doctors and lawyers and English language learners rely on Kaplan to help them succeed on high-stakes exams. It offers preparation for more than 90 standardized tests for college and graduate school admissions, English language proficiency and professional licensing.

Toppr : It offers assessment and practice packages for entrance exams in India. Its comprehensive JEE Mains package has 40,000+ questions and 1000 goals. The analysis it provides helps you improve your exam speed and accuracy. It makes exam prep social and more engaging.

If you’re preparing for tests, then you should go ahead and give these sites a try and find out which ones suit your needs the best. Got more to add to the list? Suggest through the Comment Box.

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