7 Best Apps That Are Making History Subject Way More Engaging Than Ever

history appsHistory is a subject that most students prefer to ignore, mainly due to the exhausting details, numbers, dates or names. You need all these nitty-gritty things on daily basis to supplement your history assignment.

However, the long list of names and lengthy timelines are never easy to remember unless you are a genuine history nerd.

But if you are too busy to remember all these tidbits, you should befriend with handy apps. These apps facilitate students with everything about history – historical events and important personalities. The availability of such apps has made the subject of history a rather fun subject to delve into. With interactive elements, students now want to learn more about the history of their culture, religion, origins, etc.

Now students can search timelines by tracing down historical events and they can, even, visit historical sites in real-time. They can explore all the historical wonder with just their fingertips. In other words, now they do not have to go through an exhausted search of library book to get information as they have all facts available in digital form.

Timeline World War II : Do you want to explore the events of World War II? Then this app should be installed to your iPad. Timeline World War II tells you all about the bloodiest conflicts in human history. It provides you with a dynamic interface that you can use to explore major events and take deeper look into decisive battles of World War II. The app requires a space of 750mb and is available at meager prices of $9.99.

Today in History : This is really a cool app for students who need daily doses of juicy tidbits. Today in History gives account of a specific day in context of a particular timeline. It also provides a list of related words that you can click to know more about the historical value of the day. The app gives information from 100,000 events in a year which include birthdays, holidays and death anniversaries. This app is available for free for both iPad and iPhone users.

Virtual History Roma : Do you admire Roman Empire? If yes, then this app should be the next item in your iPhone menu. Virtual History Roma offers a 3D display of events and places of Romans. You can look into historical sites, weapons and amours that were the symbolic representation of The Roman Empire. The simulation of Collossues and Roman Arena can instill a thrill as if you are watching them in real-time.

Street Museum of Londinuem : Street Museum of Londinuem takes you to the street of London City. The app starts this journey from ancient time when it was occupied by Romans. It takes you through the events of London city and illustrates its evolution with passage of time. The app offers additional features for users who have a particular interest in History and Archaeology.

British Library App: British library books app gives an insight into historical manuscripts in British library. With this app, you can scan through 60,000 titles as well as 100 highlights about various artifacts found in British History. You can even utilize multimedia elements that include photos, videos and recordings.

Barefoot World Atlas : Barefoot Atlas is an app that gives historical information about cities and locations. By using this app, history students can get all the facts about an ancient city or historical site. Barefoot Atlas integrates plethora of multimedia features that makes history a more fun task than a tedious research activity. You can search ancient cities, tap on specific sites for information or even post comments.

Armchair Archaeologist : No archaeology app can beat this online tool. As its name suggests, armchair archaeologist app helps you locate places from your most favorite TV shows. It allows you to search locations based on their historical value. You can search from list of era, museums and monuments. Just tap a site and you will get all the facts. With this smart app, you can search for a specific era and all related sites. Armchair archaeologist app features highlights from 160 sites and 52 museums. The good thing is that you can use it without an internet connection.

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