The Goal of Teaching - An Experienced Teacher's Viewpoint

goal of teaching in 21st centuryThe ultimate goal of teaching is to promote learning. For the most part, learning takes place in many different circumstances and contexts. Although everyone is capable of learning, a student's desire to learn is a vital to mastering new concepts, principles and skills.

Pupils, in general, are endowed with many faculties and multiple learning styles: some learn best in lecture atmospheres, some are motivated by discussions while others absorb best when they read and reflect on what they have read. The classroom setting may stimulate or inhibit learning depending on the dominant learning style of each student. Accommodating various learning styles creates an adequate setting that is conducive to learning. Besides, students take many of their learning habits from the instructor. If the instructor doesn't show interest in the subject under study , students themselves are less likely to make effort to learn. However, a good instructor must convince students of his or her knowledge, expertise and willingness to teach.

My task, as an instructor, is to create an atmosphere that fosters learning and that should be of any 21st century teacher. I am an instructor because I have a passion for guiding my students through the learning process. In addition to the passion for the material I present, I tend to encourage learning by creating a relaxed environment for students. Stimulating conversations about concepts being presented and organizing material and equipments in a way that appeals to the learners and makes it easiest to understand. Furthermore, I treat subject matter as interconnected, emphasizing that everything students are learning fits together into a holistic understanding of the world, from which they develop their personal worldview. I also reckon that learning how to find information applies to all areas of life and I use topics and examples that are multidisciplinary. Finally, I believe that respect for my students is one of the most important things I can show. This is to inspire them to respect each other.

Over the last five years, I have worked as an English teacher for different levels and institutions. I planned, prepared educational activities and lessons that engaged my students in debates on various issues related to their own day -to-day lives and interests. I have developed a heartfelt love for this job. For my future professional career and for my innovative teaching, and I am committed to making meaningful contributions to the student’s growth.

In my teaching practices, I attach significant importance to communication and interactivity. I tend to introduce original English movies, classroom debates, mini-plays, simulations and other forms of teaching into my classroom to change the conventional passivity in the students' acquisition of English knowledge. During communicative activities the pupils are far from quiet. They do most of the speaking, and generally the atmosphere in classroom during the lesson is active. Because of the increased responsibility to participate, even the weakest students may find they gain confidence in using the target language they learn. Students are more responsible of their own learning. In doing so I talk less but listen more,

give the floor to the students. Sometimes I set up an assignment and step back to observe acting as a monitor. All obstacles can be overcome if my role as a teacher is clearly set. During class, I must free myself from the material and components I’m daily using and not solely relying more on my own command of language and my humble professional expertise as to what linguistic items, idioms, phrases, chunks, need to be drilled again and again exploited or even extended. However, Spontaneous and improvised practice helps to make minds be more flexible and gain confidence in coping with unforeseen, unexpected situations. There is always a need to use different registers and develop alternative ways of perceiving things.

Continuous improvement and innovation is one of the key steps for education in the 21st century, so last but not least, I hope to impart to students that learning is an everlasting process. To me, it includes improving oneself professionally. As I continue to instruct classes, I aim to enhance my ease and confidence in front of classrooms and audiences and to develop my way of teaching too. Finally, I plan to use different methods and means of presenting information to my classes to have a great the learning atmosphere for my students.

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About the Author
Author: elmaifi
Currently, I am teaching business and general English. I graduated from University Morhammed V University in Rabat. I hold a bachelor in English studies and a MA in journalism and communication. I have also obtained a diploma of proficiency cycle in English at ALC at Rabat , and Cambridge TESOL TKT diploma from the British Council. As a teacher I'm challenged to think strategically , nurturent, and most of all patient. I believe that teaching though stressful as it could be but a rewarding job career too. I'm deeply interested in the fields of ICT, education and communication.

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