EdTech Twitter Accounts You Can't Afford to Miss

Twitter, undoubtedly today is the most popular social networking platform and has become a valuable tool for education. This micro-blogging platform enables us to create and participate in meaningful conversations concerning education, technology, and society.

Twitter has played a growing role in technology within the classroom and in promoting education technology to the world.

There are a number of Twitter users who are worth following for anyone who wants to be up to date with or wants to learn more about the ever growing world of education technology. Here’s a list of the EdTech Twitter accounts that you can’t afford to miss:

Eric Sheninger@NMHS_Principal

Eric Sheninger, the Principal of New Milford High School, NJ is the NASSP National Digital Principal Award Winner (2012), Google Certified Teacher, Adobe Education Leader, an Author and a Speaker. His tweets provide consistently new and exciting education technology ideas and resources and are frequently trail-blazers in the online community.


Richard Byrne@rmbyrne

Richard is a speaker, writer and a Goggle certified teacher who brings you the best of the Web for education technology. He posts several tweets every day that redirect you to some of the best articles and new resources for EdTech on the internet.


Shelly S Terrell@ShellTerrell

Shelly is the 30 Goals Challenge author, teacher trainer, #Edchat founder and the host for AM TESOL Free Fri Webinars. She is among the very top educators on Twitter and tweets about fantastic new resources for bringing technology into the classroom.



Edutopia tweets about new and innovative education ideas that really work. Its tweets provide important and exciting new avenues for information technology, and also research and observations about what is and isn’t working in real schools.


Audrey Watters - @audreywatters

Audrey is an education writer who writes about education technology, open education and academia in modern society. She links her tweets with her Hack Education blog, and also interacts on a more personal level on Twitter from time to time.


Inside Higher Ed - @insidehighered  

Its tweets provide insights on the latest trends and news concerning technology in higher education. It also discusses things like MIT open courseware, Khan Academy, the Kindle Fire, and how these and many other technological innovations impact the world of education and academia.


Wired Campus - @wiredcampus  

It provides the latest news on technology and education, from the @Chronicle of Higher Education. While it has a focus on higher Ed, much of what they cover offers insights and technological information relevant to K-12.


Steven W. Anderson@web20classroom

Steven is an educator, speaker, blogger, #Edchat Co-Creator, #140Conf Character, Edublogs Twitterer Of The Year, ASCD Emerging Leader and amongst the top 50 Innovators in Education. Following him is a sure way to ensure you will receive all the very latest news and updates on EdTech.


Jerry Blumengarten - @cybraryman1

Jerry is an educator, speaker, writer and #edchat moderator who through his tweets catalogs the internet for students, educators and parents.


Edudemic - @edudemic

Edudemic is a dedicated community of educators and technologists looking to enhance learning. Its tweets provide a way to connect teachers, administrators, students, and just about everyone else with the best technology on the planet.


Steve Wheeler - @timbuckteeth

Steve is a Web 2.0 researcher, author of The Digital Classroom, Associate Professor of learning technology, international speaker and a disruptive activist. His tweets basically focus on social media and mobile technologies in education.



Tom Whitby - @tomwhitby  

Tom is a retired professor of Education, he runs a SmartBlog on Edu Editor and is the founder of #Edchat. His tweets provide insights on latest trends in education technology.


Will Richardson@willrich45

Will is an author, speaker, instigator and blogger His tweets are about the Web and its effects on schools, education and learning.


Lucy Gray - @elemenous  

Lucy is an Apple distinguished educator and an education technology and social media consultant. She is also the co-founder of the Global Education Conference. Her tweets focus on 21st century teaching and learning.


Alan Mills - @alanmills405  

Alan is a speaker and adviser on new technology worldwide. Alan’s tweets inspire by global education, innovation and new technologies.


Mark Brumley - @markbrumley  

Mark is the founder of teachamazing.com. He is an educational technology leader and his tweets focus helping 21st Century learners and their teachers.


EdTech K–12 Magazine - @EdTech_K12  

Its tweets focus on tech issues facing K–12 IT leaders, administrators and educators.


Scott McLeod - @mcleod

Scott is the Director of Innovation, CASTLE Founder, blogger, idea generator and a solution builder. His tweets focus on technology leadership issues.


Shannon Miller@shannonmmiller

Shannon is a distinguished speaker and blog writer. She is a prolific Twitter user, and her tweets offer unique insights on a range of education innovation issues.


Beth Holland@brholland

Beth is an educator, innovator and an instructor with EdTechTeacher. Her tweets discuss about latest trends in teaching and learning with EdTech.


David Lee - @davidleeedtech

He is an EdTech Integrationist & Elementary ICT Educator at Korea International School, M.Ed. in Educational Technology.


Thomas Murray - @thomascmurray

Director of Technology and Cyber Ed, 1:1 & BYOD, Blogger, Speaker, Consultant, #edtechchat co-founder, Keystone Tech Integrator, BSN Leadership Award


Angela Maiers - @angelamaiers

An Educator, Author, Speaker passionate about literacy, learning, and power of social media


Vicki Davis - @coolcatteacher

Best teacher blog winner * @flatclassroom co-founder * called the Wikinator by students * author of #edtech #edreform books


Bill Selak - @billselak

He is a Google Certified Teacher & ISTE Emerging Leader and he loves EdCamps.


Dr. Nellie Deutsch - @nelliemuller

Dr. Nellie Deutsch is a Canadian e-Learning expert, course designer, presenter, author, and mentor to thousands of educators worldwide.


Stephen Downes - @oldaily

Works for the National Research Council of Canada where he has served as a Senior Researcher, based in Moncton, New Brunswick, since 2001. Downes specializes in the fields of online learning, new media, pedagogy and philosophy.


George Couros - @gcouros

Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning for #PSD70. Speaker. Consultant.


Larry Ferlazzo - @larryferlazzo

 Teach English, Social Studies and International Baccalaureate classes to English Language Learners and mainstream students at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, California. Grand prize winner of the 2007 International Reading Association Presidential Award for Reading and Technology.


Salman Khan - @khanacademy

Salman Amin "Sal" Khan is an American educator, entrepreneur, and former hedge fund analyst. He is the founder of the Khan Academy, a free online education platform and nonprofit organization.


Maggie Verster - @maggiev

ICT/social media 4 learning & Teaching activist + Maths/Mathslit teacher supporter + e-(m)-learning material developer.


Paul Murray - @komox37

Educator, consultant, public speaker - using the Web to make learning/teaching/working more fun/effective/efficient.


Sue Waters - @suewaters

Support Manager at Edublogs, lecturer, documentation writer, author of the ‘Sue Waters Blog’. Editor and co-author of ‘The Edublogger’ blog.


And of course don't miss us on twitter @etr_in

Do you know of any EdTech Twitter accounts you’d like to see on the list? Leave your suggestions in the Comment Box below.


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