Miss Humblebee’s Academy: An Online Kindergarten Preparatory Program

Miss Humblebee’s Academy: An Online Kindergarten Preparatory Program

To help children to compete on an international level academically, parents and educators need to start educating them early. The school readiness gap needs to be closed to ensure that children have the chance to kindergarten ready for success.

Miss Humblebee’s Academy helps close the educational gap to set the bar higher, simplify concepts and establish a sound foundation for learning. Miss Humblebee’s Academy is an online kindergarten preparatory program, focused on the education and development of young children to help them get ready for kindergarten. It offers a premiere online learning experience utilizing a robust suite of forward thinking online education tools that are smart, fun, affordable, engaging and measurable in effectiveness while simultaneously providing ongoing evaluation and feedback, engaging parents in their child’s education and future.

Miss Humblebee’s Academy provides hundreds of lessons and counting that can be used at home or on the go, in early childhood settings including homes, home-schools, full and part-time daycares, as well as private, public and charter schools. The lessons are presented in sequential developmental progression which helps your child build a great foundation for a lifetime of learning success with a strong curriculum in the core subject areas namely Math, Science and Social Studies, Language and Literacy, Art, and Music. The curriculum specifically addresses the skills required by the Common Core State Standards as well as the curriculum being used by excelling countries. With its guided step-by-step approach to learning, Miss Humblebee’s Academy helps your child through all levels of the curriculum from beginning skill level through kindergarten proficiency.

In addition to providing a fully interactive curriculum, Miss Humblebee’s Academy online kindergarten preparatory program adds a Flipped Learning model and the philosophy of Blended Learning to its already complete program, which helps students enrolled in programs who are not strong academically, to still learn all the information they need to enter kindergarten ready for success. Miss Humblebee's Academy curriculum is delivered in two ways or a combination:

  • A guided step-by-step approach to learning presented in sequential developmental progression.
  • Choose your own path, which is a process that empowers teachers and parents to present the curriculum in the order that matches their preference. It is a great tool to be used in a Blended Learning environment and a Flipped Classroom setting.

There are various features offered by Miss Humblebee’s Academy that make it unique, they are listed below:

  • Progress Reports: A child’s weekly progress reports are emailed and are also readily available on the website at all times. These allow parents and educators to track classroom success and principals to track school success at one place.  The reports are designed to help identify a child’s strengths, trouble spots, view improvement over time, measure progress based on length of practice time and even view the actual problems the child answered correctly or missed.
  • Mobile Access: It is available with any smart tablet, which enables your child to have fun learning not only at home, but on the go. Your child can take Miss Humblebee’s Academy with him anywhere he wants and learn anytime he wishes to.
  • Hundreds of Lessons: With great many lessons in Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Art and Music that can be used at home or on the go, the academy is a solution that will make your child kindergarten proficient upon completion.
  • Music: It offers songs ranging from traditional music to new exclusive music.  Your child and you will enjoy hours of educational, entertaining music that covers a vast genre of music styles.
  • Interactive Curriculum: All lessons have auditory cues to help the child progress through the lessons and the site, making the curriculum interactive for better engagement and active participation.
  • Motivator Elements: As your child completes lessons, he is awarded virtual coins, puzzle pieces, and stickers, which he can use to purchase additional items, complete puzzles or create pictures to keep him motivated to learn.

The site offers three account types namely Family Accounts, Classroom Accounts and Gift Memberships. A Classroom account can also be linked with Family accounts. The subscription pricing is Monthly for $12.95 for the first child and $5 for each additional child, and Yearly for $129 for the first child and $60 for each additional child.

One of the great things about Miss Humblebee’s Academy is how much music the program incorporates. The music lessons feature familiar songs, as well as creative original songs to help kids remember letter sounds. It also offers kids the option to save or print the pictures they color in Art class. Letter sounds and Math concepts are all introduced. Science lessons have an emphasis on health and healthy eating habits. The newly updated ‘Choose a Lesson Room’ allows parents to pick and choose lessons by subject, content or theme.

Miss Humblebees Academy is simple, clean and presents the ideas clearly. It actually evaluates if the child comprehends the new concepts and sends parents progress reports which helps them to know what their child is doing, and how well they understand new skills. If you are a parent of a preschool age child, I recommend checking out Miss Humblebees Academy.


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