50 Education Startups That Got Funded in 2013

50 Education Startups That Got Funded in 2013

There has been rising support for education startups these days and many funding companies are willing to raise funds for these organizations. Startups in the field of education are found to be promising and investing in them is considered safe and doesn’t involve a lot of risks.

There are several education startups that have received funding recently, here’s a list of 50 education startups that got funded in 2013:

  1. Socrative: Develops a smart student response system, raised $750,000 in seed funding from True Ventures, NewSchools Ventures, and a handful of angel investors, including LearnLaunchX co-founders, in August’2013.
  2. Artsly: A video-based social learning platform, raised $175,000 from Europe-based investor Kima Ventures, in July’2013.
  3. Flashnotes: An online student-to-student marketplace for buying and selling class study material, raised $1.5m seed funding from a new investor Nicole Stata of Boston Seed Capital, return investors Ryan Moore of Atlas Venture, Jordan Levy of Softbank Capital, and angels Deborah Quazzo, Jere Doyle and Bob Mason, in July’2013.
  4. ClusterFlunk: A platform that connects university students to other students in their lectures, raised $100K in seed funding in July’2013.
  5. ExecOnline: Provides school partners with everything they need to develop online executive education programs, raised $1.22M in seed funding, in July’2013.
  6. Schoo: A MOOC startup providing live-streamed lectures on the internet, raised 152 million yen (approximately $1.52 million) from Itochu Technology Ventures, Incubate Fund, and Anri, in July’2013.
  7. CollegeFrog: Is a website that enables students and employers to find a career match, raised $296k in seed funding, in June’2013.
  8. Silverback Learning Solutions: An education software provider, raised $2.5 million from a collection of angel investors in June’2013.
  9. Anomo: A mobile location-based social discovery app, raised $398k in Venture Round funding, in June’2013.
  10. Copley Retention Systems: A leading provider of student retention and success systems, received Series A financing led by Mark Cuban and including Tom DiBenedetto, and a prior $691K in seed funding during June-July’13.
  11. Admitted.ly: A college advisory tool that raised $40K in seed funding in June’2013 and $375K in Convertible Note Funding in July’2013.
  12. Forsyth Technical Community College: Provides students with exceptional technical education and training, college transfer and more, raised $490,568 from the National Science Foundation, in June’2013.
  13. Crowdmark: An online collaborative grading platform, raised $584k (C$600k) in seed funding, in June’13.
  14. Fastr: A developing subscription-based ebook app, raised $50K in seed funding in June’13.
  15. WeStudy.In: A Moscow-based platform that supports Russian students in studying at schools abroad, raised $300k in funding by Mikhail Frolkin, the managing partner of HeadHunter, in June’2013.
  16. Graduateland: Is creating a large recruitment network of international universities, by offering a free plug’n’play career portal for their intranet, received funding, the amount details of which have not yet been announced, in June’2013.
  17. Tabtor: Currently on iPads, is a flagship educational technology platform for all tablet computers from PrazAs Learning Inc., raised $1M from  New Jersey-based SoundBoard Angel Fund, Aarin Capital Partners, Sand Hill Angels, BITS Spark Angels and other individual investors, in June’2013.
  18. JoyTunes: A platform that allows users to learn music through games, raised $1.5m in seed funding led by Genesis Partners, with participation from Founder Collective, Kaedan Capital, and angel investors Dana Messina, Eran Shir, Joe Lonsdale, Zohar Gilon and others, in May’2013.
  19. MarcoPolo Learning: Makes educational digital toys that inspire kids to explore the world around them, received $1M in seed funding, in May’2013.
  20. Atlas Learning: An interactive learning start-up which provides device-independent applications for the education market, raised an amount in Angel funding, in May’2013.
  21. Learnhive: A provider of adaptive K-12 learning solutions, raised $400K in funding from unnamed angel investors from the U.S. and India who span education, Wall Street and retail expertise, in May’2013.
  22. YaKlass: A Russian education service, raised $2 million (1,56 million euro) in funding from Vesna Investment, Data Pro Group, and Professionali.ru founder Nikita Halyavin, in May’2013.
  23. Eduson.tv: An online business learning service, just launched with around $1m in funding from Groupon Russia founders and Elena Masolova, in April’2013.
  24. Seelio: A student portfolio network designed for college students and educators, raised $900K in seed funding in April’2013 and $600K in Venture round funding, in October’2013.
  25. Floqq: A marketplace for online video courses in Spanish and Portuguese, raised $50K in Angel funding in April’2013.
  26. Study2gether: An innovative knowledge management platform for schools, raised €250K ($326K) from accelerator Mola and Extremadura Avante, in April’2013.
  27. Lean Startup Machine: The world’s leading bootcamp on Lean Startup methodology, raised an amount in seed funding in April’2013.
  28. iSTAR: A vocational skills training company that provides unemployed graduates with additional skills training to make them readily employable in the BFSI and ITeS sectors, raised an amount in seed funding in April’2013.
  29. Scoot & Doodle: Creates web and mobile products that facilitate human interaction and connected learning, raised $2.25 million in seed round from unnamed Silicon Valley angels and educational publishing giant Pearson, in March’2013.
  30. Nearpod: An all-in-one solution for the synchronized use of iPads in the classroom, gets $1.5M From NewSchools, Salesforce Exec, in March’2013.
  31. CultureAlley: Enables interactive and adaptive language learning using self-paced audio-visual lessons & personalized adaptive widgets on a cloud-based platform, raised an amount in seed funding from Kae Capital, in March’2013.
  32. Slate Science: An educational technology company offering STEM education products for tablets, raised $1.1m in angel funding from Leon Kamevev, Benny Schnaider, Roni Einav and Dr. Ron Rymon, in March’2013.
  33. Allegory Law: An intuitive knowledge management tool designed to bridge the gap between litigation and technology, raised $550K in seed funding, in March’2013.
  34. An Estuary: Provides social technology platforms and technology-integrated professional development solutions made for educators by educators, has raised $100K in funding from the Maryland Technology Development Corporation in 2013.
  35. BeSmart.net: Develops a universal trading platform for Internet users to buy and sell educational and informative materials, has received $4MM from Education Matrix, a Hong Kong based fund in 2013.
  36. 2U: Partners with universities to build, administer, and market online degree programs, has received $5.1M in Series D funding from Highland Capital Partners, Redpoint Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners, in October’ 2013.
  37. K2 Learning: A hybrid (online + offline) education startup that focuses on Commerce education and provides classes for courses like CA, CS, CWA, PUC and B.Com, etc., has raised Rs. 8 crore in Angel funding in 2013 from Radheshyam Agarwal, founder and director of Calcutta Tube India, in his personal capacity.
  38. authorGEN Technologies: Provides e-learning software, services and authoring tools for efficient communication and is a subsidiary of the education major Educomp Solutions Ltd., raised Rs. 22 crore from education-focused private equity firm Kaizen in partnership with German media major Bertelsmann, in January’2013.
  39. Socratic Labs: An educational technology-focused startup accelerator, coworking community, and campus in New York City, raised an amount in seed funding in January’2013.
  40. eDreams Edusoft: Provides student-centric disruptive technology innovations, raised $2 million in its second round of funding, by Inventus Capital Partners in May’2013.
  41. EduKart.com: The online education platform owned by Earth Education Valley Pvt. Ltd., raised $500K in seed funding from a group of early-stage institutional and angel investors including French early-stage fund Kima Ventures, Amit and Arihant Patni (from Patni family), computer services firm AKM Systems, Vibhor Mehra (ex-partner at SAIF Partners) and Stanford University alumni, among others, in May’2013.
  42. Simplilearn.com: An online education and training destination for professional certification courses secured $10 million in a Series B round of funding from Helion Venture Partners and existing investor Kalaari Capital, in Setember’2013.
  43. Zane Prep: Built to engage K-8 students around the world in STEM education, raised an amount in angel funding, in February’2013.
  44. Sokikom: Helps K-12 teachers motivate students to learn using games, raised $2 million half of which comes in the form of a grant from the Institute of Education Sciences and the other half comes from former Intel Chairman and CEO Dr. Craig Barrett and Zynga co-founder Steve Schoettler, in February’2013.
  45. SingSpeil: An online music learning platform, raised $30.1k (C$30k) in seed funding in February’2013.
  46. Learnmetrics: Manages educational data to provide educators with powerful metrics and analytics, raised $100K in seed funding, in February’2013.
  47. Graduway: Aims to power all of the world’s alumni networking platforms, has launched today with $1.1 million in seed funding from BTG Pactual, former 888 Holdings CEO Gigi Levy and RSL Venture Partners, in February’2013.
  48. Thinkful: An online school that teaches technical skills, raised $1 million in seed funding from Peter Thiel’s FF Angel, RRE Ventures and Quotidian Ventures and more angel funders, in February’2013.
  49. Tutorspree: Aims to make high-quality, local tutors in any subject accessible to any student, received $800k in Venture round funding, in February’2013.
  50. Veduca: An online video platform that has the purpose of democratize access to top-quality education via video lectures from world-class universities, raised $500k in seed funding in October’2013.

Share information about more education startups that raised funds in 2013 and now in 2014. The Comment Box awaits you.


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