mLearning: Definition, Peculiarities, Perspectives

mLearning: Definition, Peculiarities, Perspectives
What requirement should mLearning solution meet?

1) User role and profile. Any mLearning solution should be developed for the definite target audience. Both, educators and developers should picture the portrait of the users, their age, interests, etc.

2) Learning on the move. The educational course should take into account that people will study mainly on the go. Lessons shouldn't be very long. The information should be portioned and presented in pieces.

3) Interface design should be modern, fresh and it should take into account the peculiarities of perception/habits of the target audience. The mLearning solution's layout should be clear and simple so that users could get an instant access to the materials.

4) The mobile solution should support various media types, starting with ordinary images and ending with the most innovative technologies such as 3D videos and video conferencing.

5) Collaboration support. Today it is almost a must-have for all consumer-oriented mobile applications - to provide users with a possibility to communicate and collaborate.

What new technologies can be applied in mLearning?

Mobile technologies are developing very fast and in fact almost all recent developments in mobile sphere can be applied in mLearning. For example, the most advanced mLearning solutions can boast of the support of such technological functions:

  • Location aware learning
  • Point-and-shoot learning with camera phones and 2D codes
  • Sensors and accelerometers in mobile devices in behavioral based learning
  • Games and simulation for learning on mobile devices
  • Augmented reality on mobile devices
What are mLearning perspectives?

The perspectives of mLearning are far-reaching, and its potential effect on the future of education is profound.  In the following few years we will observe the rapid growth of mLearning technologies which will be widely used at schools, colleges and universities. mLearning will evaluate simultaneously with the mobile gadgets development adopting new and new formats. 

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