Clever and Leading Online Learning Providers Declare End to Usernames and Passwords in the Classroom

Clever and Leading Online Learning Providers Declare End to Usernames and Passwords in the Classroom

New ‘Instant Login’ by Clever Gives Teachers Back Up To 25% of Lost Digital Learning Time

Clever, the fast-growing educational technology company now working with 20,000 schools has unveiled Instant Login, an innovative new technology that lets teachers and students access all of their learning software with just one click – abolishing the need for separate usernames and passwords.

Also a growing group of leading edtech companies have announced that their applications will support Instant Login, including Think Through Math, Capstone Digital, Imagine Learning, Achieve3000, Remind101, and DreamBox Learning.

“Schools are using more software than ever before, but any teacher will tell you that the amount of time spent dealing with usernames and passwords have gotten out of control,” said Tyler Bosmeny, CEO of Clever. “As an industry, we have to do better. This is why after more than a year of development and collaborating with teachers, we are thrilled to be sharing Instant Login with the world.”

Despite the incredible array of learning applications available for schools, a surprising amount of classroom time is still spent troubleshooting and just “getting started.” A recent study of elementary and middle school teachers, conducted for Clever by MDR, found that an average of 25.4% of digital learning classroom time today is spent just getting students logged in.  Further, 79.9% of teachers surveyed said they would use software in their classes more often if it took less time to log in.

Classroom Learning Time Reclaimed

More than 20,000 K-12 schools already use Clever’s digital learning platform to streamline student account creation and management. Now, Clever is responding to calls from schools to extend those efficiencies into the classroom. Instant Login by Clever is currently in beta testing at three top-100 school districts, with early results showing significantly increased savings in classroom learning time.

“As a former educator, I saw firsthand what an unbelievable amount of time and effort was spent just getting kids logged in to software,” said Dan Carroll, COO of Clever. “Instant Login makes it fun and easy for students to use educational apps – this is the technology I wish we had in my classroom.”

Simple and Secure One-Click Login

Instant Login by Clever is the industry’s first login solution backed by broad industry support, all at no cost to schools. Students are able to log in once – to Clever – and open a friendly screen displaying all of their applications in one place. Using Instant Login, getting started with each application is as simple as clicking on it – freeing teachers from tracking potentially dozens of different usernames and passwords for each student.

Schools using Instant Login also benefit from Clever’s rigorous security and commitment to data privacy.  To protect students, no student information is shared through Instant Login, and Clever has taken the unique step of only partnering with applications that are compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Since its inception, Clever has been an industry leader in helping schools protect and secure their student information and continues that commitment with Instant Login.

Partnership with a Growing Coalition of Education Companies

Clever already works with more than 100 educational developers to improve student account creation and management for schools, and many of these applications are among the first to support Instant Login. Further, the following leading companies are today announcing that their applications will support Instant Login in the coming months:

  • Achieve3000
  • Algebra Nation
  • Desmos
  • Digital Passport by Common Sense Media
  • DreamBox Learning
  • FreshGrade
  • Imagine Learning
  • Interactive Achievement
  • Mastery Connect
  • MyBigCampus
  • myON Reader by Capstone Digital
  • PowerMyLearning
  • Reasoning Mind
  • Remind101
  • Stride Academy by LTS Education Systems
  • Think Through Math
  • Triumph Learning      

“The problem Clever is solving with Instant Login is a huge win for all of our schools and the entire edtech community,” said Todd Brekhus, President of Capstone

Digital. “For digital learning to truly advance, we must remove the fundamental obstacles holding back the full use and flexibility of educational software in the classroom.  Clever is helping teachers and students get the most out of their learning time and enabling schools to more easily use and try new software.”

Beta Testing Underway

The Oakland Unified School District is one of three large school districts, along with Lee County and Miami-Dade County in Florida that is beta testing Instant Login by Clever. Oakland already uses Clever, and has been beta testing Instant Login at the Bret Harte Middle School. More than 150 students in 7th and 8th grade math classes are using Instant Login to help them quickly and easily navigate between several different math applications including PowerMyLearning and Algebra Nation. The district plans to make Instant Login available to all of its 86 schools to provide time and cost savings benefits to both educators and the IT departments.

"Instant Login by Clever is dramatically changing how we use software in the Oakland schools for the better,” said John Krull, Information Technology Officer for the Oakland Unified School District. “As part of our district’s blended and personalized learning strategy, we plan to offer our schools a wide selection of apps that are ‘Cleverized’ and ready to go. This will save us time in adopting and implementing new software and improve the classroom experience for teachers and students.”

More information about Clever can be found at

About Clever: Clever enables K-12 schools to take full advantage of the game-changing new world of digital learning by reinventing the set up, management and log in process for education software. Currently used by more than 1-in-7 schools in America, Clever automates manual and time consuming tasks such as student account creation, making it easy for schools to implement and maintain a wide variety of learning applications. Clever is supported by more than 100 leading education developers including Amplify, NWEA, and Imagine Learning.

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