Brainly, A Widely Known Social Learning Network

Brainly is one of the biggest social learning networks with more than 22 million unique users last month only and 13 brand new versions. Now, it is on its way to expand beyond Europe and the Americas, taking yet another step to globally revolutionize the way of studying and learning also in India, at

But what is Brainly anyway? It is a free internet learning portal focused on in-group social learning and homework help. Students can ask questions, get answers and make their everyday study more efficient. They are able to make friends with other people interested in similar subjects and work together. Brainly tries to encourage young people, to elevate their creativity to a whole new level, allowing them to look at problems from a completely new perspective at the same time.  

The company puts a lot of trust in its community. That is why content on the sites is being moderated by more than 300 volunteers worldwide, chosen from among the best users, parents, teachers, specialists and more. It is just like Michał Borkowski, the CEO says -

We believe that people can perform better when they are working together. Therefore, we are more than happy to know that those young people want to contribute and help us make their learning environment better.

The network operates in over 30 countries, helping students with their homework and growing now faster than ever. With 80% of questions answered in less than 10 minutes and a steadily growing community of highly engaged users, Brainly is on its way to becoming a leading player in educational social networking.

About Brainly

Brainly is a group of social learning networks which aims at creating an online space where school students can solve problems together, exchange ideas and meet new people at the same time. The first website was created in 2009 and enjoyed great popularity both among pupils and teachers. Before the expansion, consisted of the following language versions: (Poland), (Russia, Ukraine and other Russophone countries), (Spain, Mexico, Central and South America), (Portugal and Brazil), (Turkey), (France), (Turkey). The network has also successfully launched mobile applications for iOS and Android for several of its language versions. Altogether, until now, the network was used by over 22 million unique users per month in more than 30 countries. For more information, visit:

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