Sanoma and Knewton to Bring Adaptive Learning Solutions to K-12 Classrooms Across Europe

Sanoma and Knewton to Bring Adaptive Learning Solutions to K-12 Classrooms Across Europe

Sanoma Learning – with publishers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Poland, and Sweden – to partner with Knewton to create more personalised learning experiences.

Sanoma Learning, one of Europe’s leading learning companies, and Knewton, the global leader in adaptive learning technology, today announced plans to bring next generation adaptive K-12 courses to Europe.

Sanoma Learning and Knewton are partnering to launch next-generation learning solutions, providing teachers with cutting-edge tools to help analyse the progress of pupils, use predictive analytics to detect gaps in knowledge, and differentiate instruction.

John Martin, CEO of Sanoma Learning, says: “The partnership with Knewton supports Sanoma’s mission of helping pupils and teachers to achieve excellent learning outcomes. We can soon create a new generation of personalised learning solutions built on Knewton’s state-of-the-art technology platform.”

Harold Rimmelzwaan, MD of Malmberg, Sanoma’s Dutch subsidiary, says: “We are committed to continuous innovation and leadership in providing our teachers and pupils access to the best available learning solutions. Our team plans to work with Knewton to provide our stakeholders with the next generation of digital learning innovation.”

“Sanoma Learning’s products are already built on a deep understanding of teacher needs and the local curricula,” says Jose Ferreira, founder and CEO, Knewton. “Now they are moving quickly to meet an increasing demand for adaptive learning in Europe. We look forward to working with them to empower educators and improve student learning outcomes.”

Sanoma Learning plans to use the Knewton API to create adaptive learning experiences for products developed by its leading Dutch publisher Malmberg. The first adaptive learning courses powered by Knewton will be made commercially available to teachers and pupils in the Netherlands in 2015 following rigorous field-testing. 

About Sanoma

Sanoma Learning is part of Sanoma. Sanoma is a front-runner in consumer media and learning in Europe.

Get the world. Sanoma helps people access and understand the world. 

We believe in a world full of opportunities, feelings, reactions and inspiration. A world that you can reach, influence, explore and share. We want to make it yours.

Sanoma is a front running consumer media and learning company in Europe. In Finland and The Netherlands we are the market leading media company with a broad presence across multiple platforms. Our main markets in learning are Belgium, Finland, The Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. In 2013, Sanoma’s net sales totalled EUR 2.2 billion. Sanoma is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki stock exchange.

About Knewton

Knewton envisions a world where all students can reach their full potential. Knewton personalises digital courses for students so every student is engaged and no student slips through the cracks. By analysing data to figure out what a student knows and what they need, Knewton then recommends what to study next. Teachers use Knewton-powered real-time predictive analytics to detect gaps in knowledge and differentiate instruction for each student. The world’s top educational publishers (and soon anyone who creates lessons) use Knewton to improve learning outcomes in K-12, higher education, English-language teaching, corporate training, and other markets. Knewton has been recognised globally as a “Technology Pioneer” (World Economic Forum in Davos) and one of the world’s “50 Most Innovative Companies” (Fast Company).

Knewton was founded in 2008 and is based in New York City. For more information, visit


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