List of Great Tools for Different Kinds of Learners

List of Great Tools for Different Kinds of Learners

Every learner has got his own distinctive style of learning. A learning style is a way that a learner adopts to approach his learning, which is most comfortable to him and suits his learning needs best.

Everyone has a characteristic learning style which they use in their everyday lives, even if they’re unaware of it. Some people would understand a concept better when it is presented in an audio whereas, some would prefer to learn by its video presentation, and others just by the text. It is beneficial for you if you discover what learning style suits you, so that you can learn by choosing the appropriate material catering to your style, making your learning experience easier and more effective to help you learn at your best. 

Here’s a list of 100 best tools for different kinds of learners which can help them learn in their own distinctive styles:

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Author: Saomya Saxena
Educational technology blogger, loves to research and write about tools and tips for educators on how to integrate technology into everyday instruction creatively and effectively. Fond of reading and writing.

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