Guide to Evernote in Education – Free Report

Guide to Evernote in Education – Free Report
sThis is a report by the ETR RRC (EdTechReview Research and Resource Department) that focus on how Evernote – the note taking and sharing application can be used in Education, and how it can help teachers and students to improve performance and efficiency
in classroom and that too at no cost.

This report covers in detail, how a teacher or a student can use Evernote to improve organization and productivity in their educational tasks. It not only covers how to install and use Evernote but also the features, and the user feedbacks.

We have covered the following topics in detail for you in this edition of Evernote Report:

  • What is Evernote?
  • Why to use Evernote?
  • Getting started with Evernote
  • Introduction
  • Installing and Using Evernote
  • How Teacher can use Evernote?
  • Prior to Class
  • During Class
  • After Class
  • Some Feedback Direct From The Users
  • How Student can use Evernote?
  • Student Perspective Video’s
  • References & Resources


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About the Author
Author: Saransh GargWebsite:
Edupreneur, EdTech Researcher & Community Manager, 21st Century Education Enthusiast, Co-Founder, Researches in effective use of Technology use in Education. You can find me on Google+.

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