A Parents’ Guide to Teens and Cell Phone Use

A Parents’ Guide to Teens and Cell Phone Use

There was a time when parents argued whether a child should own a phone or not or at what age owning a phone is appropriate. That time seems so distant now, when children and teens use cell phones just as frequent as adults do.

One proof of the increasing number of teens and children with access to cell phones are the popular family cellphone plans, which include data bundles and features that allow parents to monitor their children’s usage and activities.

Studies on teen mobile phone use point to a trend of increasing ownership and increasing dependence on smartphones for online access. Some of these studies expound on the learning and educational opportunities that cell phones bring, while some discuss the perils of excessive and unregulated use.

What these studies prove is that as cell phones proliferate among the younger generation, there will be impacts on homes and schools that parents and adults must anticipate. Beyond coping and tolerating excessive phone use, it is vital that parents know how to guide their children in using cell phones and train them to become responsible mobile citizens.

Table of Content

Fast Facts and Stats on Cell Phone Ownership and Use

  • How many teens and children own cell phones?
  • How often do teens and children use their cell phones?
  • How do teens use their phones?
  • How many teens and children bring their phones to school?

Teen’s Attitude towards Cell Phones

  • How do teens feel about cell phones and safety?
  • How do teens feel about cell phones and learning?
  • How do teens view their cell phones as means to interact and connect with

Cell Phones and Parenting: Rules and Etiquette

  • Tracking and monitoring
  • Bad Smartphone Habits by Teens and Tweens
  • Smartphone Talk
  • 'Smartphone contract’

Cell Phones in Schools: Opportunities for Learning

  • Top 10 Uses of Cell Phones inside Classrooms
  • US Schools and Districts with Best Practices on the Use of Smartphones for Education

Must Have Apps for Parental Guidance

  • Monitoring Apps
  • Educate with E-Learning Apps

Study Buddy

  • Apps for Visual Learners
  • Apps for Auditory Learners
  • Apps for Kinesthetic Learners

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