[Report] DigCitPLN Pokémon Go – Back to School Advice

[Report] DigCitPLN Pokémon Go – Back to School Advice

When we shared an early draft of this DigCitPLN Pokémon Go report, it wasn’t long before we had more than 100 people offering input of all kinds of ways.

For example, our PLN shared articles, made introductions to experts who specialized in gaming and AR, provided insights and comments (which we added to the report), and others who offered to help circulate the final report and assisted with proof reading and editing.

This assistance came from across the spectrum of the Education community and included educators from pre-K12 to adult education, educators and EdTech startups and people across the Atlantic collaborating. Talk about good Digital Citizenship!

Thank you to everyone who helped out with thisHere's a snippet of what you will have in the report:

  • Executive Summary  
  • Niantic Background & Social Studies Lesson
  • Pokemon Go & the Nine Elements of DigCit                                    
  • Pokestops… And a Lot of Pokeballs
  • Technology Adoption Cycle
  • Free Tech
  • Educators Views
  • College Views
  • DigCit PLN Pokemon Go Safety Advice


Download the full report "ISTE DigCit PLN Pokémon Go – Back to School Advice"

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