Making Higher & Technical Education Institutes World Class –Why and How?

Making Higher & Technical Education Institutes World Class –Why and How?

Prime Minister is publicly declaring time and again national dream to make Indian universities and colleges, at least a few, world class ranking high, in first one hundred, of world list. Government is keen and allocating additional funds, presuming that only money is wanted.

The presumption is misplaced, like fire burning at Rameshwari, and fire brigade going to Someshwari. There are many universities and colleges in India who have ample money, good infrastructure, brilliant students and brilliant faculty, yet they do not rank high in the world list. It is good to have high dream and thinking great, but not enough. It is necessary to know from experience of world best universities how they have achieved world class status. Truly, Indian universities lack academic culture and mind set in favour of professors, especially their growth opportunities. It is the professors who bring name to an institution and hence they need to be enabled to excel to reach global standards. The article, out lines in brief, strategies which when adopted universities and colleges can improve quality of education to become world class.

Why India needs world class higher & technical education institutes?


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Author: Prof. B M NaikWebsite:
Founder Principal of Guru Gobind Singh College of Engineering Nanded

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