[Report] Complete Guide to Flipped Classroom

[Report] Complete Guide to Flipped Classroom
In this report by ETR RRC (EdTechReview Research and Resource Centre) we have covered the concept of “The Flipped Classroom ”. In this digital age and the changing pedagogy, how a new concept like the Flipped Classroom is making a difference in
the lives of students and teachers, is what we are looking into through this report. This time we have focused more on telling you how the concept of Flipped Classroom came in to existence and how people across the globe are practicing and benefiting from it. The implementation tools, resources and practices for flipping the classrooms are covered in this report. There is a lot more to it, than what has been covered in the above mentioned report preview.

To explore all the dimensions of Flipped Classroom, we encourage you to go through the full report .

Following are the topics from the report.

  • What is Flipped Classroom?
  • History and Evolution
  • How to implement Flipped Classroom?
  • Steps to implementation of Flipped Classroom:
  • Step 1: Decide which subject’s class you want to flip
  • Step 2: Choose which technology to use and for what purpose
  • Step 3: Decide where to publish videos
  • Step 4: Video Creation
  • Step 5: Monitor students for watching your videos
  • Step 6: Find more ways to flipping and engaging a class
  • Tools
  • Google Docs
  • Teachem
  • Camtasia Studio
  • Edmodo
  • TED-ED
  • Khan Academy
  • List of Video Sites for Educators
  • Real Life Practices:
  • St. John Fisher College
  • Santa Ana, Calif
  • Highland Village Elementary School
  • Allen High School
  • University of Sussex
  • Bullis School
  • Life School
  • Arapahoe High School
  • Prairie South High School
  • Some User Practices
  • Why adopt flipped classroom?
  • Resources and References 



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