EdTech Investments in Asia - Last Two Quarters 2017

Edtech sector in 2017 has tracked a lot of funds down the line. In first two quarter only we tracked more than 90 edtech companies that raised a huge amount of investment. This is the second piece in the series ”EdTech Investment in Asia 2017” that will help you look into the funding traction from the last two quarters of 2017.


Needless to say, the ever-increasing number of companies in the edtech sector speaks volume about the market. But, the potential and success of edtech cannot be measured by the number of companies coming out or the funds that are being dumped in the sector. However, it surely does imply how people are inclined towards this niche and intrigues masses on what the market has to offer!

I suggest you check out this report to get the list of investments made in Asian edtech companies in last two quarters of 2017. The report primarily includes the following information: Company Name, Industry, About, Origin of Company, Amount of Funding, Investors and Date of Funding.


Also, check [Report] EdTech Investments in Asia - First Two Quarters 2017

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
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