Mobile Learning is Transforming Education and its Delivery - What Do Reports Say?

Mobile Learning is Transforming Education and its Delivery - What Do Reports Say?

Many think the advent of mobile learning or m-Learning has helped in making learning more active and you find more and more schools and colleges are adopting mobile learning to improve learning outcomes and make education more widespread.

Mobile learning with the help of mobile devices supports a continuous access to the learning process. The reason why mobile learning is fast becoming a norm of elearning is because it is able to offer performance support or collaborative eLearning environment all in a better way. Going a little further, the reason why m-learning has gained immense popularity in a very short period of time is due to its ability to offer personalization and which is the key to add a sense of engagement and motivation among the learners. Moreover, with m-learning on the go, learners can actually stay on track with their training programme as they can access mobile learning any time and at any place. It has therefore helped in reducing the rate of student dropout rate across the globe.

What do various reports say about mobile learning?

Since, mobile learning is a popular topic of discussion in the education world today; therefore, researchers take a keen interest on studying the relationship between mobile devices and educational attainment in the recent time. Out of the many studies conducted on the topic, “one such study indicates - mobile devices actually help in improving education and emphasise the opportunity of transforming education with the use of mobile learning.”

Findings of another, research report on the title ‘Mobile Learning: Transforming Education, Engaging Students and Improving Outcomes’, reflects that young people are increasingly seeking to employ mobile devices to make education more engaging and also to personalize it for their particular needs. For the educators, mobile learning is a great assistant because it makes it possible to extend education beyond the physical confines of the classroom and beyond the fixed time periods of the school day.

Yet another report piece highlights on how classroom learning is slowly transforming because of the use of mobile technology inside the classroom, brings to light the varied ways in which students are getting accustomed to learning. They are slowly turning into E-readers, making extensive use of educational apps and game based learning facility to make learning more fun and absorbing. Teachers on the other hand, get an option to send homework or test questions to students via text and then ask responses; prepare results in a more interactive approach to learning. Further, most of the mobile technology works on seamless cloud thereby allowing students to transition work both in classroom and at home too.

A study- titled ‘Mobile Learning Transforming Education & Training’ reflects- this form of learning not only enhances the level of education delivery but also help learners get empowered as it allows learners to learn whenever and wherever they want through their existing mobile devices.

Further, there are research findings that specifically talks on how mobile learning is helping in transforming teacher education and training facility. It categorically mentions that, the use of new technology has helped in bringing collaborative learning opportunities offer rapid access to other viewpoints and balance the isolationist tendencies of the teaching profession. Mobile learning is also referred to as an ideal option for teachers training these days as it provides a process of learning for professionals who differ from others in the contexts and ways in which they work and learn.

The reason why mobile learning is seen as a transformer in the modern education sector is because it has helped in bringing connected learning into the picture. It has helped improve learning and engage students and teachers who are the main stakeholders of the learning ecosystem. It has brought in greater deal of flexibility and more focused learning. Beyond bringing classroom efficiency, more focused learning systems have helped students have more agency in their education and teachers can emphasise more on advanced problem solving and critical thinking skills, creating a more satisfying educational environment for all who are involved in the process.

Final Thoughts

At a time when the society is undergoing a radical change in the way one communicates and acts, adoption of mobile technology in the education space helps in easy access to education and educational resources. Mobile technologies have helped improve learning delivery practices and this has further assisted to stimulate interest in learning of content.

Both students and teachers can use numerous technologies to access a multitude of information and make use of it in exploring their potential. Technology use has also helped in bringing closer students and teachers which is one of the most essential aspects to make learning active. And with the presence of different kinds of tools, it awakens in students greater interest to look at things in different ways, allows them to explore facts and apply deeper thinking that’s critical for innovative thinking.

Do you agree that mobile learning has opened up windows in the learning space? Or do you differ with this thought? Let us know your views on it through your comments.

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